Tumors Natural Treatment | Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Tumors

Tumors come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and can settle and grow in any and every part of the body. They are very often benign and harmless and can be easily rid of. Other times sadly of course they can lead to fatality.
Once detected it is vital to seek treatment to desist their spread

Ayurvedic Causes of Tumors

In the Ayurvedic teachings tumors are known as arbuda, The tumors invade and cause great unsettlement in the doshas and go onto run riot in all of the surrounding muscle, destroying all the living tissue as they do so. As the tumors or arbuda do so they take on the appearance of dark, increasingly larger and unmovable deep seated foreign bodies.

To achieve full health the sufferer must act quickly to quell their progress, as the bigger they get the more powerful and all destroying they become. Finally if allowed to grow too big for the organ they are occupying they will burst causing a fatal disruption vata and kapha. Once this occurs and the tiny soft poisonous crystals spread over the inner system there is no way back for the sufferer and death will soon occur.

Thus it is vital that such tumors are kept in control and every step must be taken to prevent them from reaching this far.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Tumors

Purging or blood-letting is probably the best way to prevent a tumor spreading and becoming impossible to manage

Leaves to be used in blood-letting

  • Udumbara
  • Gojivha
  • Priyanga
  • Rata chandan
  • Lodhra
  • Anjan
  • Yashtimadhu

A mixture of some or all of these leaves should be crushed then mixed together with honey and applied to either the tumor itself or within proximity of it frequently to achieve purging.

After purging has taken place it is important to apply a mixture of the following leaves and herbs to the afflicted area,

  • Aragwadha
  • Gojivha
  • Kataphal
  • Krishna Nishoth

Blood-letting or formention (allowing the blood to breathe) should be carried out periodically and safely.

Milk as Ayurvedic remedy for tumors

Milk, if pure and without too many chemicals and additives, is a vital source of the rich minerals needed to dissolve a tumor safely. Drinking a simple glass will enhance your body’s’ immune system immeasurably

It can also be used in combination with herbal remedies to become an essential oil or a soothing herbal drink as a blood purifier.

It can be mixed with

  • Ghee
  • Oil
  • Fat
  • Kanji

To become shafpaki oil. The oil and thus the healing properties within is derived from the decoration of the kanji and milk.

In most cases it is drunk but it can also be applied directly to the afflicted area of the body.

The mixture of kanji and milk can also be added to lukewarm water and consumed accordingly for the same results.

A processed ghee made up of

  • Krishna Nishoth
  • Girivha
  • Anjan
  • Draksha
  • Rasa yavatikta juice

Should be mixed with Yashtimadhu kalka paste and drunk by the sufferer.

In the Ayurvedic teachings and methods the most important issue is to keep the pure and to kill the arbudas by denying them the chance to grow bigger and to ultimately conquer the whole body.