Thalasemia Cure, Remedies, Natural Ayurvedic Thalasemia Treatment

Thalasemia is a blood disorder caused by a lack of protein, which leads to sufficient red cells not being made, which in turn leads to the body failing to produce hermoglobin. With insufficient red cells and hermoglobin, the sufferer will contract a mild form of anemia.

Thalasemia is an inherited disorder and sufferers can go through their whole lives unaware that they are carrying it. If both parents are carriers then almost certainly the offspring will b affected too. However if only one parent has it, there is a good chance that the healthy genes inherited from the non-carrying parent will be strong enough to fight off the defective genes and the child will be unaffected.

The condition is particularly prelevant amongst those of Asian, Mediterranean, Filipino, African and Chinese descent.

Symptoms of Thalasemia

These are other conditions which may occur because of suffering from Thalasemia and the sufferers inability to produce sufficent healthy red blood cells.

  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Jaundice
  • Poor bone growth
  • Protruding abdomen
  • Enlarged liver or spleen

As the sufferer will already know if they carry the Thalasemia gene or not the development of any of these conditions does not mean you have Thalasemia and if you are not a carrier and contract one of the conditions you should treat it as such in isolation.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Thalasemia

Nobody can prevent or cure Thalasemia, it’s the misfortune of the sufferer to have inherited it from one or both of their parents. So all you can do is manage the condition sufficiently well to be able to function as normally as possible in every day life.

The Ayurvedic method can alleviate by-products of Thalasemia like fatigue and general weakness, jaundice, spleen and liver dysfunction and anemia.

Ayurvedic remedy for spleen and liver dysfunction

Pueramia tuberosa (biadankand) is a pitta revitalizing tonic that can spark both the liver and the spleen back into life.