Stomach Problems Treatment Natural Cure | Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

Stomach problems, specifically ulcers are lesions that occur within the stomach lining, adjoining to the intestinal tract. According to Ayurvedic studies, the cause of stomach ulcers is from too much hyperactivity. This in turn increases the amount of hydrochloric acids, in the stomach.

Symptoms of Ulcers

  • Sharp pain in the upper abdomen area,
  • Excessive flatulence,
  • Weakness in the body (lack of energy).

Long term affects of patient not receiving treatment for ulcers are as follows:

  • Muscle Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Blood in the Stool

Home Remedies for Ulcers

Milk: This widely available commodity comforts the stomach and relieves the patient from stomach pains.

Lifestyle changes: People who have ulcers should avoid strong alcoholic drinks and sodas. Also, the person should be careful not to overeat. Excessive fatty foods should be avoided. The increase of fresh fruit and vegetables would be helpful in preventing the growth of ulcers also. Furthermore, the patient should be sure to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day.

Non-acidic and non-spicy foods would be most beneficial for the body. This is also a great practice for prevention of ulcers before they even appear.

Regular exercize: Deep breathing exercises are great for the body, and should be done by the patient everyday. Also, a person with ulcers should be rid of excess worry, and be sure to plan enough relaxation time. Too much activity aggravates an ulcer. It is also important for this person (and anybody) to stay cheerful.

On the contrary, it is suggested that the patient stays involved in a variety of activities, such as hobbies, or working a job, and making relationships with others.

Enough activity in good proportion can aid to the restoration of health and balance of the body. The patient just needs to be careful not to overdo any activity and always make sure the stomach is full of non-acidic substance, whether it is food or drink. In addition, a balanced life can reduce the chance of future, more severe diseases to afflict upon the patient.

Quit Smoking: A person with ulcers should also quit smoking as soon as possible.

Herbal Remedies for Ulcers

Giloy: This entire plant has useful, medicinal value. Giloy cures many disorders, including ulcers.

Amla: This fruit has 20 times the amount of Vitamin C that oranges have. It helps recreate red blood cells. It also rebuilds, and maintains new tissues. Amla is also an excellent source of Gallic and tannic acids, cellulose, and albumin.

Moti (Pearl): A substance called Pearl (Moti) ash is safe to take for the treatment of ulcers, and has absolutely no side effects. It contains carbonate and lime oxide. This powder form is usually given twice a day with honey.

Shonka (Conch Shell): This is the one that most aids in the recovery from ulcers. It aids as prevention against ulcer reformation. This is a new treatment in the experimental phase. However, it has tested to be very effective.
Ayurvedic Medicines for Treatment of Ulcers

Moti pisti, Ayucid, and Avipatrikar Churna all contain herbal substances which aid in the restoration of the stomach lining. These also decrease the abdominal pain, and help a person regain bodily strength. These are very potent, and also safe. They have little to no side affects at all.