Get Rid of Withered Skin

Rough skin and wrinkles is one of the most common skin problems that affect a large number of people today. Withered skin is largely caused due to over-exposure to extreme climates. The skin may wither if exposed to longer period of time to extreme climatic conditions such as too much heat or too much cold. Skin can also get wrinkles if left adequate nourishment or protection is not taken against too harsh conditions. Rough skin may also be resulted due to factors such as bags and sags, coarse skin texture, dull skin tone, and dark shadows.

Ways To Treat Withered Skin

People suffering from withered skin can also follow some very effective tips that can help them to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin and even get back their natural sheen.

Regular Skincare to Treat Wrinkles

It is important to cleanse and nourish the skin properly everyday in order to get the natural glow back. Keep your skin clean at all times and wash your skin with good face wash to take out the dust particles hidden in the pores. Regularly cleansing the skin will help in keeping the skin dust-free and aid in making the oil-secreting glands unclogged. Avoid exposure to sun as it is one of the potential causes of wrinkling, pigment changes in the skin. It is best to always use sunscreen lotions whenever you step outside during the daytime to keep the sun safe from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Avoid using harsh chemical-based soap as it will take the moisture away and cause the skin to wrinkle. Use natural products like flour or milk cream to cleanse the skin. You can use a mixture of egg white, honey and carrot juice to which a few pinches of soda bicarbonate has been added for treating rough and wrinkled skin. Use of olive oil can be also effective in removing the dryness of the skin. Keep the skin moisturized and use moisture-laded makeup base in all the seasons to ensure that the skin does not look pale and cracked.

Vitamin A Derivatives

Using vitamin supplements like Tretinoin (Retin A) can be used for treatment of sagging, wrinkle-filled skin. Vitamin A is also used for getting rid of acne and correcting loose skin. Fine lines and wrinkled skin can be removed to certain extent by use of this medication.


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or fruit acids can break down the inter-cellular cement that causes skin cells to stick together. Overall skin texture can be improved with the use of AHAs. Skin appears radiant and aging process can be delayed with use of products containing AHAs. Collagen and hyaluronic acids can also increase with the application of products having AHAs. Cleanse the skin by the use of preparations enriched with AHAs.


Injecting collagen into the skin can work wonders in setting back the ageing process by a few years and eliminating the problem of wrinkled skin.

Chemical peels and dermabrasion

Dermatologists also recommend people suffering from fine line and wrinkles to undergo skin treatments like dermabrasion and chemical peels for retaining the young-looking, healthy skin.


Acupuncture facelift works wonder when it comes to speeding up the body’s energy flow and improving the appearance of the skin. Facial muscles can be toned and blood circulation can be stepped up with this unusual alternative to surgery. It involves insertion of needles at specific regions of the face to treat wrinkles and retain the body’s inner and outer health.


Go for regular skin massaging treatments to keep the blood circulation normal and remove facial lines. Clogged pores will open up and wrinkled skin will show signs of improvement with regular massages.  

Healthy Brew

Green tea can have a powerful effect in eliminating skin wrinkles if used in the right manner. Herbal tea bags contain powerful antioxidants that can clear the free radicals within the body.

Other Common Techniques to Treat Wrinkles

Take Rapid Showers and Baths

Over exposure to water is not good as your skin will lose its natural moisture if washed frequently. Skin will start appearing dry and harsh if left exposed to water for longer period of time. Avoid using bubble baths and bath salts as they cause the skin to become dry, cracked and full of wrinkles.   

Get A Good Sleep

Fine lines and skin’s sagging process sets in early in men and women who have sleep-related troubles. Get adequate sleep and improving your sleeping habits if you want to possess a wrinkle-free, young and beautiful looking skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Keep your body and skin hydrated and glowing all the times by drinking adequate amount of water everyday. Drink eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin looking supple, soft and moisturized.

Relax and Smile More

Stress and anxiety can increase the formation of wrinkles, especially around the outer eyes, bridge of nose, and on the forehead. Therefore, relax and smile more to tighten the supporting connective tissue around your mouth that further aids in maintaining the shape of your face. 

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