Polio Herbal Remedies, Natural Ayurvedic Treatment of Polio

Polio is a very deadly virus and though partly eradicated through an extensive worldwide immunization programme it is still around and wreaking its deadly havoc upon parts of the population.

It is a highly infectious disease and enters the body through the mouth and goes onto attack the central nervous system.

The cause of this despite extensive medical research has yet to be found.
Though many who catch the virus survive most who do are left with a form of paralysis, usually in an arm or a leg.

Though it is unable to offer a cure, Ayurvedic can alleviate the pain experienced by sufferers and can also aid survivors’ recovery greatly.

Ayurvedic Cause of Polio

Paralysis or more specifically polio is caused according to Ayurvedic when there is a divergence in vata-pitta-kamba which affects the dhosa (energies of the body).

This physiological shift causes toxins (ama) to build up and attack the nervous system.

To be treated positively Ayurvedic says that there must be a re-balancing of these within the body. To achieve this state the following methods should be applied.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Polio

As previously stated any form of the Ayurvedic programme can not cure polio. But what it can do is offer a healing regime that repairs the damage wrought by the disease.

This takes two forms. Herbal remedy and intensive Ayurvedic massaging.
The herbal remedies can eradicate internal disorder and strengthen the immune system.

Massage alleviates the on-going pain and any paralysis that may have occurred. In this instance intensive massages repair the dead and wasted muscle.

Massaging also allows the affected area or joint to receive nutrients which can expel toxins.

Massage applied to remedy polio in Ayurvedic

As possibly befits the remedy for such a deadly serious disease like polio, Ayurvedic prescribes arguably its’ most important massage form in the treatment of the disease, namely the method known as Pindasvedka or Navarakizhi.

This treatment revitalizes mainly the skin and is also used with Ayurvedic anti-ageing treatments. However in achieving this it also rejuvenates dead and wasted muscles which is why it is used as a remedy for paralysis, which is why it used on polio sufferers.

The revitalizing agent in Pindasvedka or Navarakizhi

Pindasvedka or Navarakizhi is a simple remedy consisting of medicated rice.

The rice provides carbohydrates which rejuvenate the affected areas when applied.

How Pindasvedka or Navarakizhi is applied in Ayurvedic

A fine cloth of the medicated rice solution is placed upon the patients’ body. This creates gradual warmth and is applied until the patient builds up a great sweat. The act of sweating expels the toxins and in doing so begins to rejuvenate the affected areas.

The Ayurvedic way to alleviate the pain caused by polio and to treat it is mainly massage based.

But the imbalances caused by the pitta-vatta-kamba shift that disrupts the internal systems of a polio sufferer can be put right by ingesting certain herbs and spices.

They can be added to cooking and will aid the healing processes of paralysis sufferers.

Herbs and spices recommended in the Ayurvedic cure for polio

  • Fennel
  • Ginger
  • Black pepper
  • Coriander
  • Licorice