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Vajikarana Therapy Ayurvedic for Male Impotency

Vajikarana therapy Ayurvedic male impotency treatment often applied to men who have not had success in other ways. It may also be given to men who would prefer a more natural and herbal and holistic approach versus prescription drugs.

The Recipes

The Ayurvedic Vajikarana therapy for male impotency employs various herbs, elements, animal products, or combinations of these. They are often administered in what is called idravyas, tailas, and churnas. Other forms, substances, and recipes may be used as well.

The Concept

The idea behind Vajikarana therapy is that of helping a man achieve sexual stamina and energy much like that of a horse. This is speaking metaphorically of course, but you get the main idea.

However, this treatment is not meant for everyone. The right candidate is one who is morally strong and not given in to wild sexual behaviors-someone faithful to a spouse.

What a man can hope to achieve while incorporating Vajikarana therapy is as follows:

  • Improve aspects of health and well being related to elimination of impotency
  • Enhancement of reproductive capabilities and increased sexual vigor
  • Regulation of heart beat and blood flow that causes erection
  • Normalization of blood sugar levels and other vital signs
  • Increased length of erection time, thus delaying ejaculation
  • Increased satisfaction during sex, as well as the partner he pleases

Some men would consider Vajikarana therapy to be a very well-rounded treatment because it focuses on restoring the total balance of the body. This is done as the three “doshas” (a.k.a. tridoshas) of the body are addressed.

Part of this treatment centers on increasing the happiness within a man. It also relies on cleansing of impurities and preparation for a brighter sexual future.

The Process

According to invigorise.us, ayurvedia to treat impotency is more than just physical therapy for a man. It rather is a complete way of life. It requires regular commitment and dedication from a man to complete the process of healing sexually.

Vajikarana therapy is not as strict of a discipline than others. However, it does require a variety of steps. For instance, a man is advised to undergo a series of internal cleansing regimens before beginning this therapeutic process.

Diet and lifestyle modifications before, during, and after this type of Ayurvedic treatment are also recommended.

Vjikarana therapy is recommended to treat various diseases like infertility and conditions relating to weakening of a guys “manhood” resulting in male impotence (napunsakata). Usually this process is recommended to men between the ages of 16 and below 70.

The main purpose of such is to maintain optimum sexual activity and healthy semen production. Detoxification and rejuvenation also are a part of the reason for using this particular discipline.

Additional Self-Care Tips

Besides watching diet and undergoing the right cleansing processes, a man is encouraged to stop smoking. This leads to impotency problems more than he would think. The same is true about alcohol though thought to be a temporary aphrodisiac.

A man is also advised to remain physically active-other than when he is having sex. If he has a job that requires him to move around quite a bit, that is great. If not he should participate in regular cardiovascular and strength treatments.