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Penis Enlargement Methods: Surgical Procedures for Enlarging the Penis

The business of penis enlargement is huge. Yes that was a bad joke, but it is also a fact. There are a whole plethora of methods used to enhance or enlarge the male genitalia. Some are far more involved, and can be quite costly. The process of penis enhancing surgery has been around for a number of years. While there have been advances in the procedures that naturally were expected with the accompanying advances in technology, most documents and studies reveal that men were generally unpleased with the results.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery, also known as length surgery, is performed by urologists that specifically specialize in this surgery type. This is far from a routine cosmetic surgery. The concept behind length surgery is rooted in the fact that the penis is actually one third, or even one half within the body. This surgery removes the connective tissue that holds the penis within this enclave allowing more length to protrude. But be warned, penis length surgery is not a common procedure even to those that specialize in the area. This surgery can have serious consequences and is generally seen as a last resort method. In fact, penis enlargement surgery is actually not recommended for any male with a normal, functioning penis. There is risk of damage to the penis and nerves around it that can result in the lessening of, or inability to have an erection. This procedure is normally reserved for those born with a congenial abnormality or those with very serious cases of errectile dysfunction.

Inflatable Options

The other method of penis enlargement surgery is that of inflatable implants. This procedure involves the insertion of an inflatable pump into the scrotum. This procedure is usually reserved for those with complete impotence. The benefits of this surgery are that the erection is completely controlled by the individual. The erection can be as long lasting and firm as one desires, and can be achieved whenever the mood strikes. The only drawback with this surgical procedure is that it is completely irreversible.

Some things to consider

Both surgical procedures outlined above are usually reserved for those with errectile dysfunction, abnormalities or complete impotence. If you are able to achieve a normal and functioning erection, you should concern yourself more with the joys of sex rather than the cosmetics. These procedures have as many risks as they do rewards, and any doctor you consult will tell you as much.

Prior to any surgical procedure, ensure you have done thorough research on the matter. Visit the websites of those specializing in penis enlargement surgery, and perhaps do some research on those surgeons themselves. As with any surgical procedure, there is the chance for error and undesirable results. The last thing one would want is to alter something that functions in the pursuit of mere vanity.