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Penis Enlargement: Self Applied Methods for Penis Enlargement

Unlike surgical procedures, there are no statistics and hard scientific and medical facts to back up any self applied methods for penis enlargement. The various pills and exercises are usually provided as a guideline or a part of a larger process. No hard claims are made, and many are not even recognized in any medical journals.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are many exercises said to enlarge or lengthen the penis. Dating back to Ancient Greece, these methods have included everything from the affixing of weights to the tip of the penis to the massaging and pulling of the shaft. In Arabic culture, the males are taught rather young to do specific exercises (known as the Jelq technique) to lengthen their penis. Stretching and hanging are two other variations of penis exercises. These involve the use of either a penile extending device (in regards to Stretching) or hanging weights and clamps (in regards to Hanging) to enhance the length of the penis.

Pills, potions and lotions

There are a wide variety of penis enlargement pills on the market. You can see many of them in your Spam folder on a daily basis. Other more widely known brands even have infomercials. These products can make many claims, and some are indeed endorsed by medical doctors. The ingredients can range from a veritable witches brew, to more direct and standard fare consisting mostly of ginseng, or gingo biloba. When considering using these products, a good deal of research is really a prerequisite. Visit the company websites, read user testimonials (with a grain of salt of course) and, if at all possible, consult a physician. There may be ingredients in these products that can have an adverse affect on you in any number of ways. Or in a worst case scenario, they simply will not work.

Penis Pumps and Vacuums

These are the devices you normally see in the Spam emails you receive. They are used to temporarily enhance the size and firmness of the penis. This method is in actuality a "quick fix" version of a surgical procedure which does the exact same thing, except in a permanent manner. These devices are usually a bit more costly than their holistic counterparts, but due to the direct nature of the applied device, the results are pretty obvious right away. Keep in mind though that these pumps only temporarily enlarge your penis, your self esteem will still remain small.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Regardless of the method you use, be certain you have done a decent amount of research on any product you are using to enhance or enlarge your penis. For those with serious errectile dysfunctions, a visit to a doctor is a far more sensible step than surfing through Spam mail folders.