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Quick Fixes for Penis Enlargement

Is there a quick fix? Or is that just a myth? Where ever you look companies are promoting ways to enlarge your penis, whether it is instantly, within a week or even overnight. How true are these ads and do they really work? Does anyone really know?

Some Initial Thoughts

We would like to believe this is true. Or should I say men would like to believe this is true. One sec, no, there are some women who wish the same. Men dream how things would be with a penis enlargement and so does the woman laying beside him. There is the cream myth, the extender, the patch, the pump, exercises. I could go on and on and on about penis enlargement as there is no end. But really men are so worried about having a larger penis that they miss out on the fun in trying. Men are very discreet about this when trying the products for penis enlargement. But it would be so much more fun by trying them out with your partner. If they did they would loose focus on what it is being used for and focus more on the enjoyment they could have as well as their partner. Stop worrying about how big it is and is she/he satisfied with what you have. Just enjoy what you do have and fine ways to improve not enhance.

What is the fuss REALLY about?

Why do we waste so much money on trying to improve our bodies? Why is it so important to us to improve the way we look? Pressure! It is every where. Turn on your television, computer. Penis enlargements! Heck, check your mail box and there you have it. Ways to improve your sex life. Not only will it improve your sex life but it will also give you a longer life. As we all know sex is good for the heart, it helps with the blood flow, and it improves your cardiovascular. So not only will you have great sex but a longer life to enjoy sex. Who would not want to buy this product as it rocks! Better sex, longer life and will work sooner than any other product on the market. Penis enlargement, sold!

Do they really work? I would like to find facts, written proof, and a company that will stand behind their product 100%. Heck I would promote it. But, just like there is no Santa (sorry folks) there is no true quick fix. The only enlargement that is true is the enlargement that occurs while you are with you significant other and enjoying what you were born with. Let's take the money we would invest into this quick fix and apply to our relationship to make it grow.