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Penis Enlargement: How safe is it?

While there is no doubt that many people are using penis enlargement products, the question must be asked: just how safe are they? Common sense will tell you that, as with any medical product, procedure or enhancement, there are cons to go along with the pros.

A few basics to know about Penis Enlargement

Most penis enlargement methods involve supplements or pills. These holistic products are usually based around herbs such as Ginseng that has been long considered to be a stimulant in regards to sexual appetite and stamina. Some include caffeine and ginko biloba, which are used primarily to enhance your energy and alertness. While the claims of such products can vary greatly, there are few side effects I can see occurring. Many of the current energy drinks have similar ingredient lists, so the chances of any long term medical abnormalities are pretty slim. I am pretty certain the only side affect that may be undesired is the product being used not working at all.

More physical (or hands on - pun intended) methods involve massaging, pulling and stretching the penis itself. The practices used can range from using the hands to gently massage and pull on the penis (which is often referred to as the Jelq technique), to more extreme processes including the hanging of weights and other devices from the penis. With these methods, there is greater cause for concern a greater chance of doing harm. These methods have been shown to damage tissue and blood flow properties in the genitals. As with any muscle, extreme exertion or physical duress put on the penis can have lasting effects. Muscles pulls, tears, strains and broken blood vessels are some of the more obvious that comes to mind. In more severe cases, there may be irreparable damage caused that will affect ones ability to conceive children.

Know the facts

Before engaging in any penis enlargement routine, be sure you know what you are doing. This sounds like a pretty basic piece of advice, but how many people ignore this in regards to so many things, right? Make sure you do a thorough research on the subject, and if so inclined, consult your doctor. Those that prefer a more discreet avenue would be better suited visiting forums or discussion boards where a wide variety of opinions can be viewed. Most products have websites, so that would be a very direct method of getting facts (although maybe a bit biased). Regardless, if the product is an herbal supplement or pill, you can at the very least get a list of ingredients. Once you do that you can research each one individually to find out just what it is they do.