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The Facts (and some Fiction) About Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement products are currently a very large and profitable industry. There are as many tonics, pills, potions, lotions and devices as there are people to use them. With the frequency of advertisements that present themselves daily, through email and infomercial, you can tell there is a hungry consumer market.

Some Facts about Penis Enlargement

As with any new product dealing with self improvement in a physical aspect, penis enlargement is rooted in fact. The main argument made in favour of penis enlargement is a rather simple scientific fact with some common sense thrown in for good measure. The penis, as they will tell you, is a muscle. And muscles can be exercised. Seems pretty reasonable, but the various methods used require more research to understand the possible consequences.

Methods of Penis Enlargement

The stretching of the penis, or the Jelq technique, is a very common method. It is rooted in Arabic culture, and is still practiced as a part of the process when becoming a man. More extreme methods involve hanging weights and other heavy devices from the penis, but this has proven to be as dangerous as it can be effective. Holistic options include pills and supplements, usually based with ginseng, that claim to stimulate blood flow and growth in the genital area. These products have varying degrees of success, but a thorough research can shed light on those that seem to have better results than others. Alternative to both these methods are penis vacuums and pumps. While these devices have clearly been shown to work, the effect is temporary and is not anything that will be lasting in nature.

Final thoughts before using Penis Enlargement Products

The facts are there on the website of every product and device you have ever been emailed about. If you are serious about using penis enhancement products, be sure to do a thorough research first. Visit a few websites like www.buytryvexan.co.za, read some consumer testimonials, look for doctor endorsements on the company websites. Common sense dictates that knowledge will aid you in deciding between what facts is and what is fiction. There are many websites that are devoted in whole to the subject or penis enlargement. Their forums and discussion boards are simply overflowing with first hand accounts as well as step by step guides on how to get started (these are mostly relating to the penis enlargement exercises). If nothing else, it will allow you contact with other individuals searching for the facts on the same subject you are. And my mother always taught me that two heads were better than one. Although I am pretty sure these weren't the "heads" she was talking about.