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Does Size Matter: The Great Debate

Does size matter when it comes to the male penis? That question can be answered from both sides of the coin. Male and female; Males with their ego and females with their feminine side.

Penis size from the Male perspective

Men always feel like they have to be the best and have the best of everything. Especially when it comes to the size of their penis. This goes back to the beginning of time. Men will never tell the truth to anyone about the size of their penis even their best friends. But of coarse the truth will come out eventually, whether it is a gym showers our public restroom. Men do look for comparison. It is a fact a well known fact. I have heard my nephews and their friends joke about it. Whether it is themselves checking it out or seeing someone else in the washroom comparing. Most guys when trying to pick up a girl think that by some how letting them know that their penis is large it will win them over. That is one of the many ego examples of how men think size do matter.

Penis size from the Female Perspective

Women on the other hand, well, some believe it is the quality and not the quantity. Size does not matter. It is how the male treats them and how they make them feel that's what counts. Yet some men seem to think that by letting a female know while picking them up that they have a large penis that is what matters. Great pick up line. NOT. That could not be further from the truth. Yet there are some females who feel it is important especially if they are looking for a one night stand. If not lets hope they are great at foreplay. I guess it is how you look at it from a woman's perspective. Are you looking for a relationship? Or a one night stand?

Penis enlargement: A booming industry for a reason

Everywhere you look there are ads or infomercials promoting large penis enhancements. By promoting this they are giving the impression that size does matter. Turning on the television, surfing the web. Every where you look there are companies out there trying to sell their penis enlargement products. They will say anything to make a sale. Some men believe it is true that they will purchase these penis enhancement products without doing a thorough research. Just the thought can be very scary. Not checking out the product or the company selling the product. It can hurt your wallet book and or your health. For more information on penis enlargement products, a quick web search is your best friend.