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Avoiding Penis Enlargement Scams

Everyone has received them. They clog your inbox (or if you are lucky your Spam folder) on a daily basis. Jim sure is happy with his larger penis, now you can be too! We have all thought of using Penis Enlargement products, but there are some tell tale signs of a scam one should look out for. Many of these Spam emails have ridiculous results in the title, and offers received via email are suspect at best to begin with. Below are some key tips to help you avoid Penis Enlargement scams.

Does their Company Appear Professional?

Most penis enlargement ads are received by spamming and junk email methods. That being the case, all of them directs you to the website of the company making or distributing the product. A quick glance at their website tells a lot about the company that owns it - if it looks like it was slapped together to meet a last minute deadline, the chances are it was. Any company that takes pride in their product and business takes time to present both in a professional fashion.

Do they have believable testimonials?

Remember those ridiculous claims I was speaking about? Well, those are usually as good an indicator as any that the product is a scam. Consumer testimonials can be very real, or extremely fake. Simply read a couple of them, they are sure to jump out at you.

Is the product endorsed by a Doctor?

Like any medical claim, product or service, Penis Enlargement products can sometimes be exclusively endorsed or recommended by someone within the medical community. This can include doctors, surgeons, and the like. If a doctor or surgeon is willing to affiliate his name with Penis Enlargement products knowing the sketchy nature of the industry, he must know there is something to it.