Malaria Natural Treatment | Ayurvedic Malaria Herbal Cure

Malaria is a highly infectious disease usually spread by infected mosquito bites. As mosquitoes tend to be only found in hotter climates, then Malaria is a disease that tends only to be found in certain countries.

The mosquito deposits a parasite when it bites and eventually it worms its’ way into the organ, usually the liver where it grows stronger, begins to reproduce and infects the red blood cells, whereupon the sufferer develops a high fever.

It can e a fatal disorder but is usually treatable with various methods including the Ayurvedic. If caught in time the chances of a full recovery these days I very high.

Ayurvedic Causes of Malaria

As malaria is the result of a random attack by mosquito essentially there is not much that Ayurvedic or anyone can do or recommend as prevention. It is just bad luck.
However Ayurvedic always encourages the vitality of a good balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle and the internal body strength garnered from this can help fight off external infections like malaria should you have the misfortune of catching one.

Ayurvedic Cures for Malaria

To see off a high fever such as malaria Ayurvedic prescribes both the ingesting and massaging various oils, spices, herbs into the affected areas, in order that the body may be purified of infection.

Neem as a cure for malaria

Neem is a natural produce derived from the flowers of ancient trees in remote parts of India. This revitalizing produce plays a very important part in Ayurvedic methods for healing and has almost holy status within the teachings.

This natural oil is full of natural goodness and can either be needed into a paste mixed in with a number of other herbs and spices and applied with a damp cloth to the afflicted area, or it can be added to a warm bath for the sufferer to luxuriate in.

Ayurvedic remedies for liver complaints

As malaria is a liver infection these following herbal remedies can also be applied to the treatment of malaria.

Bhunimanala: Which is a juice taken from the plant. It can also be acquired in capsule form

Ghritkumari: The Ghritkumari is a cactus rich in aloe and other vital revitalizing produce.
To attain the goodness for application in the Ayurvedic method, you should first core the plant until you reach the pulp. Then take a leaf from the pulp and take with added black pepper and ginger every morning for 10 days.

All these remedies will help mend the liver and make it more robust to see off the malaria carrying parasites.

Other Ayurvedic capsules used as remedy for liver disorder and malaria.

  • Livegood
  • Kumarisava

Ayurvedic diet for malaria

You should stick to a strict diet of raw or well boiled fruit and vegetables to allow cleansing for the liver so that it can heal.

You should avoid spicy food and any foodstuff or ingestible liquid that causes great acidity when digested.

Ayurvedic yoga as malaria remedy

Ayurvedic recommends the shoulder stand yoga position to revitalize the liver area. This involves lying on the floor and pushing your legs straight up into the air.

Though like most Ayurvedic yoga you should not attempt this without the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.

Though malaria is an unpreventable misfortune, the Ayurvedic philosophy can help you heal your liver properly to help it fight against the spread of the parasites and against further infection.