Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is pretty common in women and statistically about three-fourths of women undergo the crisis at least once in their lives. Vagina is the commonest region of attack while they can even feel the condition developing in the underarm area and between toes. Yeast is linked to the Candida fungus. It is usually found on the skin surface but creates a malady only when it crosses the point of normalcy.

Vagina generally contains an acid that does not allow the yeasts to outgrow the threshold limits. With a decrease in this number, the yeasts multiply faster and create a background for infection. Women are three times more prone to the infection. While there is a line of remedies, the home remedies for yeast infection are found to be quite helpful. Let’s take up a few of them and analyze how they help as home remedies for yeast infection.

Use of TeaTtree oil - This is among the best home remedies for yeast infection. A few drops are required to be dropped on a tampon and then that tampon is inserted in the vagina. Caressing it with the finger properly can result in adequate relief. The oil shall be used in its diluted form as the concentrated version can be inflammatory and create lesions in the inner lining of vagina. These have great anti fungal property but may carry certain allergens that come to bite the female vagina. It is thus believed to be a better cure for males.

Garlic can be a great respite too - Garlic, ginger, clove; they are all known to possess great medicinal property. The idea is to utilize them within the convention of medical science. Using garlic paste or oil over parts other than vagina can yield great result. Often, this oil has to be diluted too to prevent any chance of inflammation. Vitamin E and coconut oil is a classy diluter of this oil. Garlic will work towards reducing the yeast infection while coconut oil would bestow the support of premier fatty acids that are linked with preventing yeast infection. Also, the vitamin E oil strengthens the skin a lot and guards it against infirmities of inner lining. These then are among the best home remedies for yeast infection.

Washing with water - While the infection in itself would not subside through water, generous use of water can pacify the vaginal wall. It is advisable to use showers that work on high pressure nozzles and force a large recess of water.

Do away with sanitary pads - When you have yeast infection, it is best to wear very loose undergarments and do away with the sanitary pads and various market tampons. Any external stimulants that can enhance irritation are also advised against.

Boric acid can be quite a succor - Boric acid is a chemical found to have anti fungal properties. It’s also an antiseptic and hence works pretty well for the merits of disinfection. These are also present in houses as they are of some culinary value too. Boric acid powder can be used for disinfecting the toes and underarm area. Of course, this method shall not be used over female vagina at any cost. In the case of being used, it would encroach on the lining and provide semi-permanent lesions.

Following the above protocols of home remedies for yeast infection, you can tackle the malady rather well. The idea is to ensure that the dosage is in compliance with what a doctor has set for you. Further, it is important not to touch the vaginal walls with these unless recommended. Yeast infection can be a cause of unease but they can be fought with some prudence.