Home Remedies for Winter Dryness

Winters can be very rude to the skin. Even in areas backed by humidity, the winters can force fair bit of cold dry winds. These winds are known to be harsh on the skin and produce flakes and rashes aplenty. This phenomenon is known as winter dryness. Also, sebum, the secretion of sebaceous gland is marginalized in its production and hence causes the skin to dry up further.

If you want to test the lack of body’s own humidifying agent, just scratch your skin with your nails in winter and you would find white flakes appearing on the surface. This happens due to lack of sebum. While there are plenty of moisturizers and other methods to combat this ailment, a host of great home remedies for winter dryness also work pretty well for us. Let’s take a look at some of these remedies.

Moisturizers are mandatory - Dryness occurs as skin loses its humid content. Thus it is important to keep it moisturized. Soaps and gels available at home do the trick quite well. You can also use many kinds of home based oils for the purpose.

Vegetable oils can be a handful - These have moisture content owing to the use of glycerol. Sunflower and peanut oil can be a great succor for excessively dry skin. Yes, they would never be what party hopers seek but if you would like to convalesce from home, these are optimum guards. While using them, you need to use some deodorizing tool too as they can have an odor that does not exactly set the heads turning.

Vinyl gloves are a must - In winters, we are more prone to go bonkers in terms of humidity ratio thus it is important to at least do what we can to prevent the malady from spreading. Vinyl gloves are a bi-faceted tool. They prevent your skin from chapping and losing wetness and they also prevent you from scratching the dry surface thereby omitting any chances of further scaling.

Cold milk and egg yolk help - While it is an imperative to apply cold milk on the surface, it is important not to forget that the idea can go wrong without the help of cotton. Cold milk is used with the help of porous cotton as cotton absorbs milk perfectly and allows it to be spread deep down till the mesoderm. Humidity raised from this skin layer creates adequate wetness. Similarly, egg yolk can be instrumental in moisturizing the skin. The central idea is to use oats and then apply the mixture on the face for 15-20 minutes.

Vitmain A is reliable - Vitamin A is known to fight the malady of over drying reasonably well. Hence, you should persist with a meal plan that gives due importance to vitamin A. you must choose nutritious guards of vegetables and fruits and each shall confirm to a vitamin A script.

Application of fruit mix - The tongue would goad you to gulp the gastronomic delights, it’s important not to be waylaid. Well! It was in a lighter vein. Fruits like cucumber, mango, banana, avocado and papaya shall be used all over the dry surface and applied for over 20 minutes for best results.

Once you adhere to these home remedies for winter dryness, you are bound to come up trumps with some persistence. However, it is important not to use them all together as the pastiche would not serve any purpose. You can use them singly or also as a part of a larger medical plan for fighting the trauma of dry skin during winter. These home remedies for winter dryness are not profiting in case of eczema or psoriasis induced dryness.