Home Remedies for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Urinary Tract Infection, commonly known as UTI, is a bacterial infection of the urogenital tract. The infection mainly takes place from the urethral opening. If the infection is not very severe, the ailment subsides by itself within a span of a few days. However, in serious cases, medication and even antibiotics might be needed for treating UTI. If the symptoms persist, it is recommended to visit a doctor and get proper treatment done.

However, it has been seen that there are some very effective home remedies which can help in alleviating the symptoms of UTI exceptionally well. Sometimes the problem can be cured as well. Read on to know more on some of the best remedies from best-home-remedies.com:

  • Drink enough water – Water is probably the best natural ingredient which can relieve the problem of UTI. It is recommended to drink plenty of water. The reason is that drinking water will lead to more urination and chances of the bacteria being flushed out are high. Minimum 6-8 glasses of water should be drunk daily so that proper urinary health is maintained. This is also a good way of keeping further UTIs away.
  • Cranberry juice – Tannin is an important phytochemical, which is present in cranberry. The fruit is rich in vitamin C. The juice of the fruit when drunk in unsweetened form helps in flushing out bacteria from the urinary system. Chances of recurrent UTIs are also minimized with the help of this natural ingredient.
  • Parsley water – One main component of parsley is apigenin. This component has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Since diuretics help in removing excess water from the body in the form of urine, the bacteria in the urinary tract get removed by the process. Bacteria are removed from the bladder as well as from the urethra. Parsley has anti-inflammatory property and this helps in soothing the infection.
  • Ginger tea – It is a well-known fact that ginger has excellent antimicrobial properties. Various kinds of bacterial strains can be combated with the help of ginger. Take a piece of ginger and wash it well. Now chew the same, so that juice is extracted. Another way is to have ginger tea and this is excellent for UTI. Consuming ginger tea helps in flushing out the bacteria which causes the UTI.

Prevention is always better than cure. Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the best and most important ways in which UTI can be combated. This remains applicable for both men and women as both have chances of acquiring UTI.