Home Remedies for Ulcers of the Stomach

Peptic ulcers or stomach ulcers can be very painful. They can have serious metabolic effects and can ramify into far more grievous concerns. Such ulcers inflame the inner lining of the stomach and while they can also form in the linings of duodenum and esophagus the concern is most valid when the swelling or the lesion occurs in the stomach lining. It might be the result of various abuses bestowed on the human body.

At first, it can be the effect of nicotine or alcohol in overpowering amounts. Secondly, it can be caused by stress and thirdly but equally importantly, it can be caused by a harassed lifestyle shorn of nutrition, cleansing and pacifying agents. Home remedies for stomach ulcers are many. They form a formidable line of treatment along with various medications that can be imparted to a patient just as well. Let’s take a look:

Cabbage juice is a worthy ally - Cabbage, a big source of vitamin K is known to be a great source of treating many maladies. Its range is simply astounding and it can cure stomach ulcers and migraine with same ease. Among the home remedies for stomach ulcers, cabbage juice is rated highly. The juice shall be extracted by rinsing it to its last drop from the cloth that’s ideally suited to filter its nutritional worth. 300 ml of such juice can help the lining of the stomach to tackle the pepsin disturbance.

Fiber rich diets are effective - Fibers are known to be great succor in producing roughage and bringing a welcome change in bowel movement. This in turn cleanses the slime and tar accumulated in the intestinal tracts and brings down the toxin in the metabolic region. As a result, the ulcers are automatically soothed. Along with fibers, you can use citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, these are like blessings to the stomach wall.

Hot packs on abdomen - Purists do not confirm to anything that’s hot or cold and the tendency to avoid extremes is manifest in their way of thinking about a treatment. However, hot packs over the abdomen region are found to be useful just as cold packs are known to alleviate migraine stresses.

Warm water enema is a great succor - Incorporating the age old Gandhian philosophy of curing metabolic excess through enema is best characterized by this method. This shall be used for at least a fortnight to fetch a semblance of result.

Goat milk is a super cure too - Among the strongly advocated home remedies for stomach ulcers, goat milk is again from the book of the Mahatma. It is believed to bring down the inflammations of the stomach wall by pacifying and cooling the lining. The best way to use this milk is to drink it in sugarless form and one that is very cold too. In such a form, the acid content is alleviated and what you procure is a super cure for treating stomach ulcers.

Banana is good to tackle hyperacidity - Banana counters hyperacidity; it is known all along how excess acidity can virtually belt on the stomach lining. Once you take banana for a few days, you would find a lot of soothing sensation along the line of stomach. For those who cannot take banana directly due, there is the choice of banana shakes.

It is advisable not to go for the juggler completely. In other words, these home remedies for stomach ulcers shall be taken singly or at most a couple at a time. This way, an acid restrictive atmosphere is built around the line of stomach and soon you find the cure finding its way through the ailment.