Home Remedy for Toothache

People in the tropical areas would normally use guava leaves to treat their aching tooth. Several pieces of these leaves are boiled, then the solution made out of this process is used to gargle the mouth. Some may add salt for better effectivity. On the cases, many patients gargle with salt and water alone, this is done to cleanse the cavity of the sored tooth. Also, others inhibit the use of natural oils and extracts obtained from almond, clove and vanilla. Almond and vanilla are known to have a certain level of alcohol content, which may help in disinfecting the infected tooth.

To Stop Your Desperation, Try a Home Remedy for Toothache

Many claim that once their tooth aches, their body aches along with it too.

Often it is really quite hard dealing with toothache, add to it the fact that you can never have it removed unless the dentist sees that the swelling of the gums subsides. By this, the only thing you can do is to wait but if you know a home remedy for toothache, it may help you in relieving the pain. Gathered below are some home remedies for toothache to aid you free yourself from the suffering intense pains of your aching tooth.

In the Orient, a well-recognized home remedy for toothache is the use of boiled guava leaves as a gargling solution. In a saucepan, heat four to five guava leaves until it comes to a near boil. Allow the solution to warm. Then, use the solution in washing the mouth letting the liquid penetrate into the hole of the tooth for several seconds. Repeat this for quite a number of times and you will be surprised to feel a considerable relief from pain.

In the absence of guava leaves however, some people employs the use of a salt solution as a home remedy for toothache. It is done to cleanse the tooth and also to lessen the pain.

A fresh garlic clove contains Allicin, a substance that garlic releases once it is crushed. Interestingly, Allicin has the property of reducing pain. But it is important to remember than when using fresh garlic cloves as a home remedy for toothache, the garlic is not left on the tissue of the gums for too long as this may cause burning.

To kill the infection of the tooth and the sored area, many toothache sufferers employ the use of hydrogen peroxide in rinsing their mouth. Th same principle applies, allow the hydrogen peroxide solution sink into the tooth before you spit it out.

Vanilla extracts also work wonders as a home remedy for toothache. But, a source says that almond extracts works better for it contains 2% more alcohol against the 35% alcohol content of the vanilla extract. This works by dipping a ball of cotton in the extract soon afterward placing it on top of the affected tooth.

On the other hand, many toothache sufferers use clove oil as a form of home remedy for toothache devised specifically to reduce the pain. It is important to note that in using oil and other herbal extracts, the affected area is first cleanse before a cotton ball soaked in the solution is packed into the tooth.

Others try as farfetched a solution as reflexology or rubbing ice in the palms. Home remedies such as these are only taken to release the body from the stubborn pain.

Meanwhile for the simplest home remedy for acne, many instinctively place ice bags nearest the area of pain. This obviously has no therapeutic effects but this numbs the affected muscle, and in some cases the gums, against aching. Also, this home remedy for acne may not taste good for most but may work for you too. Place a boiled teabag on the aching tooth for several minutes and an improvement on the toothache will be felt after the process.

Please be reminded that all these home remedies may only provide temporary treatment for toothache. Once the pain subsides, it is best to consult your tooth to the dentist to be given proper dental assistance.