Home Remedy for Sore Throat

As with many home remedies, salt and water solution also proves to be useful for sore throat. Some add cider vinegar, lemon juice, eucalyptus and peppermint to this solution for collective for better results. This is used to gargle the mouth to help clear off the soreness in the throat by releasing the stress in the muscles.

Keeping Your Throat Infection on the Bay: Home Remedy for Sore Throat

The most common home remedy for sore throat usually comprises of water, cider vinegar, lemon juice, salt, ginger or the combination of three or four ingredients of these ingredients or the wide range of herbs and spices. However, the examples given are not intended to limit the readers of the endless possibilities for treating their sore throats. Most often than not, cures for ailments in this case aching throats, may be discovered by sufferers themselves. There are no standards in making any solutions, so long as they arrive to desirable effects or do not harm the patients taking them.

It is best to remember that most home remedies for sore throat have water as the basic substance. This knowledge may serve a long way when you are planning to make a concoction your self.

Sore throat sufferers typically employ the use of the simple concoction of salt and water. Salt in itself has therapeutic effects because of its iodine content and waters on the other hand, releases the stress in the throat. Notably, water must always be warm, if possible the hottest you can withstand.

Sore throat patients noted that water and salt solution must be used regularly for hours at a time to rinse the mouth. Some recommend that the solution must be swallowed so as to soothe the throat of f the pain. But excessive intake of salt may damage the kidneys, so it is wise that you keep your salt intake in a controlled level. Meanwhile, the addition of baking soda may provide healing for sore gums and ulcers.

To the extreme, many suggest that unusual home remedies like carbonated drinks, mustard, commercial fruit juices, banana, microwaved marshmallows, hibiscus petal (it must be red) and fast food chicken nuggets may help reduce the pain in your throat. Well, these they claimed worked for them it won't hurt if you try it yourself.

A patient claimed that her sore throat healed after taking the syrup obtained from the combination of sugar and onions. She recommends that one must take 1 teaspoon of the syrup twice or thrice a day and a desirable result will be achieved. This is not based on empty roots. Sugar has the property of drawing out the infection from the throat and onions can cleanse the throat as well as open its pores.

Additionally, honey is also a popular home remedy for sore throat. This may aid in the healing process of the throat. Also, it may be combined with other substance like lemon juice, hot tea, chamomile, and other herbs. Many resources guarantee that the soreness of the throat can be easily eliminated in seconds if treated with honey.

Peppermint, mint leaves and mint candies may also bring great works for your throat as they have the property of menthol which cools your throat. This can be further combined with hot water (note: some sore throat sufferers noted that solutions made using the above mentioned substances only work well with hot water). Depending on your choice, you can either use the concoctions out of these as gargling solutions or you can drink them.

Moreover, a solution discovered by an Oriental is the use of the Yoga position termed as The Lion. He claimed that this helped relieve his throat from pain in a matter of days because the posture helped in the blood flow through the throat and possibly irrigated essential nutrients.