Home Remedies for Migraine

There is a wide repertoire of home remedies for migraine headaches. Migraine manifests symptoms like vomiting and nausea along with pain developed at one of the lateral parts of the head. This syndrome is thrice more widespread among the female population than their male counterparts and can also trigger symptoms of photosensitivity. The headaches can get severe and a patient may have to resort to diverse lines of treatment.

Analgesics and Antiemetics are known to be useful in certain cases but more generally there is little relief seen over a long period. Home remedies on the contrary are relatively powerful in tackling the malady and such measures do not produce any side effect. Let’s take up the ways that is usually discussed for home cures.

Ice towel can help for migraine - It’s among the top home remedies for migraine headaches. It is minimal in its requirement and only asks you to use a frozen towel. For this, you have to wet a towel and wring it out completely. It is recommended to put it in the freezer and allow it to fetch high degree of coldness. Next, you have to take out the towel, refold it and put it in freezer. This permits the towel to soak super coldness over its periphery including every section. When you judge a point of extreme coldness, such a towel has to be placed in the major region of pain, generally the head and the neck area.

Use of deep massages - Masseurs are not to be hired for facilitating the process. Such deep massages can be perfected at home and generally include rudimentary style of massage. However, it is advisable to get the massage performed by someone, more generally a person from the home. These are profound massages meant to provide you a great degree of laxity. These are done with a less-imposing hand and entail the virtues of going soft on the neck and head surface.

Food intake and beverage - Migraine headaches are also thought to be caused by electrolytic anomaly and hence salty foods work pretty well for the disease. It’s a sin for the medical purists to prescribe snacks and chips but it is believed that these can be a great help in curing migraine headaches. Water also works quite well and it is recommended to drink as much of water as possible.

Vitamin C and even caffeine is prescribed as the home remedies for migraine headaches. Caffeine and snacks are not in the rule book of firm medical practitioners for treating any symptom and yet these are expected to enhance the neurotransmitters that can succor those suffering from the disease.

Cabbage leaf compress can be quite a succor - You just need to follow a few basic measures. Just crush cabbage leaves and put them in a cloth. This cloth shall then be used over the place of agony. It’s believed that vitamin K extracted out of cabbage filters through the pores of skin and helps in relieving the pain.

Niacin can be great relief - Niacin is known to be helpful and is from a premium line of home remedies for migraine headaches. Niacin can be extracted from whole wheat, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and fish. It’s a super brain pacifying drug and can also be obtained from vitamin I complex tablets.

Ice wraps can be clinical - They seem elementary and yet they can produce a kind of impact that’s clinical in curing the symptoms. These are sold pretty cheaply at medicine counters.

If you try an amalgamation of these ideas, they are bound to help you with the migraine headaches. Often, these home remedies for migraine headaches might not be enough and require an added line of treatment; this can be the case with chronic severe form of disease.