Home Remedies for Low Immunity

Our immune system offers us the strength to tackle the diseases that bother us. These are our fighters against the malady chain. However, a few of us are born with a weakened immune system while still others just about make the scene averagely. Think of it; it is the depletion of this immunity which makes even common cold last indefinitely in Aids patient; it is this lack of immunity which makes a disease like Eczema Herpeticum fatal. The idea is to ensure that you boost your immune system to such levels that it can take care of various diseases on its own.

While there are many lines of treatment offered to children and adults for enhancing their immunity, home remedies for low immunity always had its takers. It’s because these subscribe to a frill-free, zero side effect method. Let’s take a look at the very best of these remedies and find out how they shall be administered:

Astragalus root can be very effective - This root has been used since ages by the Chinese and it has enabled them to treat common cold and related symptoms. Judged over slightly different periphery of immune response, they are doing equally well. They strengthen the response of white bold cells and hence secure a gallant army against the foreign objects. Astragalus root is also synonymous with the production of a compound that ensures that the immunity levels are adequately high. The exact source of the compound is inconclusive. Such home remedies for low immunity will always have its backers.

Yogurt is quite handy - Even if it had been poor to taste, yoghurt would have found wide application in immunity studies. It only helps that yoghurt is also great to taste when mixed with salt or sugar. You are only required to take about 6 ounces of yoghurt each day. This creates a merry situation in the body good enough to keep cold and cough at bay for life. Use of curd has been advocated even by the oriental mystics. This is among the top home remedies for low immunity.

Kale shall be acknowledged - Kale is known to be a powerhouse of vitamin A. This means that it can be quite effective in fighting the cancerous cells by enhancing the production of antibodies with the help of antioxidants. Vitamin A is known to be quite restorative in bringing an atmosphere of urgency when it comes to fighting the foreign substances.

Shiitake mushrooms can be instrumental - These are being acknowledged by the medical fraternity as an antiviral agent. These are also great for providing a high immunity level as they have a strong cover of antioxidants that release antibodies and trigger a defense response. These are also clinical in enhancing the numbers of “Good” bacteria within the body.

Siberian ginseng is a powerful tool - It is used for building up blocks of energy and also killing the low immunity factor. However, its use shall only be started after consulting a practitioner. Yes, it is a home based remedy for sure but then it has certain pitfalls when it comes to sexual endeavors and hence you are required to be a little cautious with its use.
If you use some of these home remedies for low immunity you are bound to get great results.

The idea is to use them in segregation and not at a time. Such a collective usage can be harmful for the body in whole and also trigger symptoms of malaise.  Immunity boosters shall be used at pretty young age and children should be mandatorily fed nutrients that build high immunity levels from this phase in their lives.