Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure as the name suggests is a point when the blood pressure within an individual drops below the threshold. Measured by a Sphygmomanometer, this pressure is worked through the systolic and the diastolic branches. While anything below the 120/80 gradient is below normal, there is no cause for concern till the systolic reaches 90 mm/hg and the diastolic reaches 60 mm/hg. While high blood pressure is perceived to be the more dangerous of the two and can trigger coronary issues, even low blood pressure can cause heart shrinkage or failure.

The idea is to understand that even this anomaly is related to the weakening of arterial response to heart and cannot be belittled. Thankfully, there is various line of treatments to counter the symptoms of hypotension or low blood pressure. Over-the-counter drugs are deemed to be for long term usage and hence there is a chance of addiction involved with them. This makes sufferers wary of using them in the long run. Thus, home remedies for low blood pressure are favored. Let’s take a look at some of these effective home remedies for low blood pressure.

Raisins can succor hypotension trauma- keep a fair quantity of raisin soaked in water and keep them in that position overnight. Just eat them first thing in the morning. This is a time tested method and known to favor heart a lot.

Usage of basil is recommended - Basil is religious in the Orient and hence its intake adds a psychological bonus too. You are required to press about 15 basil leaves against a muslin cloth and squeeze the content in a bowl. To this, you should add 1 tea spoon of honey. You are required to have it as the starter in morning. It is important to ponder that those who go for raisin should not go for basil at the same time. They can try both these helps but must keep a gap of 1 hour starting with basil. This then is among the better home remedies for low blood pressure.

Salt is a panacea - Low blood pressure is manifest owing to high dilution of blood. This causes the blood to travel in the artery without pressure. Salt is required to concentrate the blood and bring it up to the threshold of normalcy. For this purpose, doctors not only prescribe cooking the food with extra dosage of salt but also recommended generous pinching of raw salt over the food. Salt water is also advised about 3 times a day. For reasons of taste, this can be bound to sugar.

Revamping entire system - Revamping the entire metabolism can go a long way in holistically curing low blood pressure. Patients are advised to first undertake a fruit meal. This is the formula for first 4-5 days. The general duration to be kept between diets shall be 5 hours and these diets should be taken about 5 times in a day.  

Warm water enema - This abides to the Gandhian philosophy, only that he was fond of his mud enema. It is believed that it is a super colon cleanser. Once the toxin and slime is removed from the intestinal reaches, the metabolism is better geared up to fight low blood pressure deficits by playing a greater role in electrolyte distribution.

You should work towards the holistic measure suggested under the last subhead; however, the presence of so many variations of home remedies for low blood pressure mean that you can avail any of them to promote a general environment of normal blood pressure within the human body. It needs reiteration that all the methods should not be adopted together.