Home Remedies for Jaundice

Jaundice is a disease that weakens the resources of liver and hence dulls the chemical transportation system. It generally manifests a very high value of Bilirubin. Hepatitis in its severer forms converts into jaundice. Jaundice affects the coloration of skin and even touches upon the sclera of the eye and nails. It gives a yellow look to the whole skin surface and is especially manifest over the limbs and the face. In fact, literature has borrowed the term jaundiced view of things from this very disease (it means a prejudice view of things). Various lines of treatment are adjudged for the disease and in one way or the other they are all well qualified to be talked about. Let’s take you to the home remedies section here.

Use of radish leaves- green radish leaves are believed to be quite a help for jaundice symptoms. You need to pound the leaves and the juice shall be extracted using a cloth. Even the remnants adhering to the surface of the cloth shall be rinsed well enough. This juice shall be taken by the jaundice patient daily and the quantity should be in the range of half a liter. It is believed that leaves are full of roughage and facilitate nice bowel movement. They also enhance the appetite of a patient that is virtually on the rocks after the infestation of the disease. Usually, the leaves provide cure in about 10 days of their intake. It’s among the best home remedies for jaundice.

Use of snake gourd leaves- 15 grams of snake gourd leaves are mixed with about 250 grams. As an aside, a decoction of coriander seeds is bestowed to about half a liter of water till the volume of water is lessened to its third value. Both these are given simultaneously to the jaundice patients in quantities ranging from 30 ml to 60 ml, about three times each day. Usually, there is a sign of progress in the first week of intake.

Use of lemon- lemon is known to be a valiant warrior in fighting jaundice. 20 ml of lemon mixed with water 4-5 times a day plays the right trick.

Using pigeon pea leaves- this is one of the most effective home remedies for jaundice and one that has fair degree of admirers from our past generations; it’s the nanny’s favorite. Pigeon plant offers a bristly legume. Its beans mixed with water are advised to patient in a quantity of 60 ml daily.

Use of barley water- a cup of barley in three liters of water shall be allowed to simmer for about three hours prior to its intake. It is believed to be a great therapy for yellow fever.

Using the right home diet- It is believed that some amount of rest along with the right diet and juice treatment goes a far way in treating the jaundice symptoms. Yes, the symptoms can be harsh and perhaps these singly can’t nip the causative agents but they are great amalgams of treatment and bring about the right kind of relief in patients with continued use for a week or thereabouts.

It is advised to go for a juice fast for about a week. Once the liver starts functioning better then he or she can start a fruit diet and a long way later he can resume with the grains. These meals shall also encompass carbohydrate and exclude fats at all costs. Any food that can ferment in the lower intestine is to be clinically avoided.

While there are diverse branches of treatment in relation to the yellow disease, the home remedies are time tested and incorporate among the best measures to counter the disease.