Home Remedies for Itching

Itching is not a disease. It is a symptom of graver maladies. A few of such maladies can be genetic while others may be caused by high obesity. They can occur owing to an over reactive immune system or can be a precursor to HIV infection. As a first, it is important to determine what may be the cause of the disease.

Biopsy is a great tool for judging whether a symptom like itching is related to the skin or integument maladies or are they harbinger to some bigger defects in the pipeline. Itching is generally associated with flakes and scales and rashes to the skin surface. These lesions and perforations can cause strong irritation.

The situation become even more pensive as the area becomes drier with time thus aggravating the issue. Also, there is a chance of scratching a lesion and converting it into wound.

Let’s take up a few home remedies for itching:

Moisturize a lot - Moisturizers humidify the skin surface. It is simple rationale that areas dried over time are more vulnerable to itching. This is why winter dryness causes a lot of itching. When we moisturize an area, it’s akin to usage of body’s own moisturizer sebum. Secreted from the sebaceous gland, sebum humidifies the skin surface. Thus it is counted among the better home remedies for itching.

It is important not to over bathe - While the itching sensation necessitates the requirement for bath, it is important to understand that such allergens make the immune system highly active. Baths change the temperature gradient of the body thereby causing further reaction of the immune system resulting in extended itching. Hence it is advised that a person having rashes shall bathe once in two days.

Cloves and juniper berries work pretty well - Juniper berries are available all over the grocery racks today. You do not have to run to the forests like the past. Cloves have eugenol. These trigger numbness in the axon area of the nerve. On its own, juniper berries are anti-inflammatory. The combination works magic and tackles itching strongly. About 5 teaspoons of juniper berries and 3 teaspoons of mashed clove are added to the amalgam of beeswax lumps and unsalted butter (3 ounces).

Basil has eugenol too - Basil is known to contain eugenol too. In about 180 ml of boiling water, ½ ounce of dried basil leaves should be poured. The mix shall be covered so that the odor of the tea does not pass out easily. This tea when sprinkled over the surface of basil produces great results.

Carbolic acid lotion is helpful - This lotion is known to exhibit properties of bicarbonates and thus creates a fizzy surface which excites the pores responsible for itching. Soon the itching dies down. Yes, you must make sure in advance that the bicarbonates are not allergic to the person in question. These are among the top home remedies for itching.

Burdock root oil can de-trigger itching - The oil has profound importance in regards to skin surface. While it has other benefits too, one that emanates out of it distinctly is its ability to tackle itching. Any skin irritation, burn, rash or lesion is adequately minimized by the use of this oil. Its primary importance is its capability to moisturize not only the exoderm but the mesoderm too.

You can use all of the above home remedies for itching and find that many of them work pretty well for your irritation. These are time tested. The only aspect you should ponder over is that these shall not be allergic to your skin in any possible way. If you find further rash development, you shall stop the usage immediately.