Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis is characterized by lesions and inflammation along the inner lining of the stomach. It may be owing to overconsumption of caffeine or alcohol or may even be caused by various virus, bacteria and microscopic allergens that thrive in the environment. Both in the chronic and acute gastritis, there are persistent symptoms of abdominal pain. Often medication like cortisone and aspirin can also cause such symptoms as a side effect.

Gastritis is a common ailment and almost one-tenth of people visiting hospitals with abdominal cramp are being diagnosed as gastritis victims.  Gastritis can be cured by using many home remedies. Most of these home remedies for gastritis are easy to be prepared, without any side effects, and create an atmosphere of relief in a very short time. However, in cases of chronic gastritis, they can alleviate the symptoms but can’t completely cure them. Let’s take a look at a few of the home remedies for gastritis.

Water is prerequisite - No matter how many home remedy courses you undertake, the importance of water cannot be belittled. Water has that kind of healing property which can cure perhaps all kinds of maladies. Water reduces the acid damage by providing an antidote and also dilutes the blood stream. This diluted blood reaches the inner lining of stomach through blood vessels reaching there and result in lessening the inflammation.

Rice gruel can be effective - It is recommended by doctors as home remedies for gastritis. A cup of rice gruel twice the day is what’s advisable. Of course, if you tend to suffer from chronic gastritis, you should both enhance the intake by a cup and also go for an extended regimen. Gastritis makes your stomach a little dysfunctional and hence absorption of juices is also affected.

Marigold for gastritis - An infusion of this herb can be clinical in curing gastritis. It is recommended in tablespoons. While there are many other herbs in the line too but marigold, in form of extractions taken from the flower, can alleviate the pressure sensors on the lining of stomach thus treating the inflammation or any perforation that might have occurred.

Coconut as a remedy - While choosing home remedies for gastritis, the idea is to give the stomach time to relax. One of the natural laxatives in this regard is coconut water. It relaxes the domain pertaining to the inner lining of the stomach. You should withdraw from every meal plan and even juices. A simple regimen of coconut water for the first 24 hours is aplenty for treating gastritis. In cases of chronic gastritis, it is known to alleviate the pain and the symptoms attached to it.
Curd and cottage cheese - An amalgam of these can beautifully minimize the symptoms. These have its share of takers and many favorably argue that the mixture brings back the ease to the lining of stomach and its manifest in the coming down of the pain gradient in a sharp manner. However, this remedy is part of individual experiences and they are not backed by the medical fraternity yet.

A warm water enema – It’s a two week plan and incorporates the element of colon cleansing. It believes in lessening the inflammation by cleansing the slime and tar produced in the colon region. Such a line of thinking is favored by many as they believe that colon is the root of toxic invasion and thus it can affect the stomach lining in a big way.

If you use a few of these home remedies as a single line of treatment or along with others, they can create an expeditious recovery plan for you. Yes, it is important not to consider them of any less importance and the course shall be taken in a disciplined way.