Free Home Remedies

Common illnesses are usually resolved by common solutions without having to seek medical attention. These solutions may not be supported by medical studies and may not necessarily apply standard medical methodologies and practices. Normally, these solutions to common diseases, ailments and disorders may make use of natural substances found in nature like herbs, common ingredients and the likes. Sounds primitive? No and these are actually used in many parts of the world, and even in America for immediate cure.

Home remedies were first developed and employed by old societies. Since then, the effects of the natural remedies were recorded down so as to be used by the following generations. However, with the advent of modern medicines, home remedies were taken aside and left for those who still have faith on their effects. However, these remedies had been rising again to popularit1"y because they prove to be less dangerous and cheaper. This is due to the fact that these mostly inhibit the use of natural ingredients, which are typically available in many kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. You can also rely on their cleanliness as they come in nature. They are free of harmful effects that are usually obtained form their pharmaceutical counterparts as side effects.

Moreover, home remedies are free, thus the term Free Home Remedy. They are free in the sense that the ingredients are more likely to be found in nature and that free home remedy procedures and advises is now made accessible through the Internet. There are sites that are entirely designed to provide free home remedies for their visitors. Also, there are search engines that are providing sites for free home remedies.

The ingredients are not literally free of course but they can be easily bought in the market or at your local groceries. In the early years, people normally have medicinal plants planted right at their own backyards. Medicinal plants have therapeutic effects and are widely used as the basis for many modernized medicines. The growing popularity of capsuled herbs can be best attributed to the fact that herbs can create more effective results without the dangerous effects.

In addition to this, home remedies have mild but direct results. Unlike with prescription medications, these directly cure the part of the ailment or the cause of the disease. These may contain strong components but since they are natural, they have lessened bad effects to the body.

Some of the well-known and practiced home remedies are used to cure against:

  • Skin problems (acne and acne scars, pimples, age spots, wrinkles, cuts, bruises, bites, stings, baldness, burns, skin allergies, stretch marks, sun burns, warts, and eczema)
  • Sores (sore throat, cold sores, sore eyes or pink eyes, and canker sores)
    ·Aches (toothache, backache, head ache, and stomach ache)
  • More severe ailments like colds, blood pressure, bronchitis, indigestion, food poisoning, high blood pressure, migraine, constipation, sinusitis, depression, flu, hemorrhoids, and rheumatism)
  • General problems like acidity, bad breath, heartburn, athletes foot, head lice, dandruff, snoring, cramps, weak memory, fat hips and thighs, tired ayes, infection, ring worms, and water retention)

One fact still remains true, although free home remedies may be able to provide cure for simple diseases, disorders and ailments, modern medications and treatments are still by far the best in treating major diseases but off course with the cost of modernity.

Facts and Myths: Home remedy for passing drug test

You are up for a job interview and your new employer asks if you can give them your urine sample. They said they would call after they have evaluated you. Several days pass and no ring on the telephone. No mail at your doorsteps. What seems to be the problem?

More and more companies are now requiring their applicants to take drug tests. You would not mind this if you know you're clean. However, you might not realize that one probable reason why you did not get the job is because you fail the test. You know you are not in drugs but since drug test is far more inaccurate than you realize, what seems to be a simple test would cost you the job.

So in order to give you a better chance of passing your drug test, here are the myths you should know and the facts and procedures you should follow:


You have to assume that when your sample is submitted to the laboratory for testing, there is a great chance you get false positive. False positive means the test has found out that drug component is found in your body. How is this possible? The body produces by-products and by-products contain several components that can significantly alter the result of the test.

Therefore when you are subjected to drug test, you should realize the following.

  1. Avoid taking ibuprofens, antibiotics, pain relievers, hay fever remedies and cold remedies, and even diet pills. Although EMIT have been changed in order not to detect false positive results due to ibuprofen intake, it is safe not to take this drug before the test. Other pain relievers, diet pills, and medicines for hay fever and cold would give a false positive result to amphetamine. Moreover, when you take antibiotics, there is a great chance it would give you false positive to heroin and cocaine.
  2. Before taking drug tests, you should avoid any dental treatments. Some products used in clinics can cause false positive result to cocaine.
  3. Do not eat poppy seeds before taking the test. Poppy seeds contain opiates and could cause to false positive result.
  4. Do not give your first urine of that day. It is the most contaminated. It contains by-products that could give false positive result. Make sure you urinate several times before taking the sample.
  5. When you exercise regularly, there is a greater chance you pass the test.
  6. If you are not sure of your sample, you can add powdered bleach to your sample. Chlorine would let you pass the test.
  7. Add water to your sample but make sure the water temperature is around 91-97 degrees. Cold sample is suspicious. You might not fail the test but it might cost you the job.


When you attempt to cheat your drug test result remember the following:

  • Blood: Never add blood to your sample. If you think this would give you a negative result, you are wrong.
  • Ammonia: Although ammonia will give you a good result, the strong scent of it is very evident. Never use it.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice would not change the result of the test.
  • Liquid soap: Liquid soap works but if very suspicious for it make the sample cloudy.
  • Table salt: Adding table salt would give negative result but it is very visible under the cup.
  • Other additives that would either make your sample suspicious or would not give you a negative result are vinegar, cold water, Goldenseal, sodium nitrate, WD40, and Hydrogen peroxide.

The Benefits of Natural Home Remedies

There is nothing supernatural with the use of natural home remedies to treat any kinds of illnesses. Fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and spices have been recommended to cure these. They have also been used as the earliest form of medicines. Old societies have used this form of treatment until they were replaced by modern medicines. However, many are still going back to the old style of treating illnesses for it has been proven to give more benefits than its over the counter counterparts.

Here are the benefits of natural home remedies

  • Cheap: Drugs manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies are expensive since they are processed, advertised, and marketed as a commercial commodity.  On the other hand, natural home remedies are cheaper to produce.
  • Clean: Since raw materials are the same ingredients you use for cooking, you are assured that these are clean. Compared to other medicinal products available commercially, you are assured how nature home remedies are made.
  • Easy to find: Since natural home remedies require herbs, vegetables, fruits, and spices alone, finding one that is right for any type of minor illnesses is easy. In early days, when people grow several plants in their backyard, it is more likely that they have medicinal plants. Today, since more and more people are living in urban areas, medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, and spices can easily be acquired in local supermarkets. Just look for ginger, garlic, thyme, honey, celery, lemon, apple, and thousands of other products in the fruit and vegetable areas could give you several medicinal benefits.
  • Milder: Unlike over the counter syrups and medicines, natural home remedies are unspoiled, fresh, and of course natural. The medicinal contents are pure and directly attack the illness you are trying to cure. Since it is natural, it does not have strong components like over the counter medicines. 
  • More effective: Natural home remedies treat wide range of minor illnesses. A simple ginger, garlic or honey could treat several types of minor illnesses. Natural home remedies can treat abdomen pain, acidity, heartburn, pimples, acne scars, age spots, arthritis, athletes foot, backache, bad breath, baldness, fat belly, bites & stings, bleeding gums, blood pressure, bruises, bronchitis, burns, sinus, canker sores, cold sores, common cold, constipation, leg cramps, cuts, depression, dandruff, diarrhea, swimmer's ear, ear infection, eczema, fat thighs, fat hips, flu, food poisoning, gingivitis, gout, hemorrhoids, heart exhaustion, piles, hiccups, head lice, indigestion, low blood sugar, migraine, headache, weak memory, mouth ulcers, nausea, obesity, peptic ulcers, hemorrhoids or piles, pimples, rheumatism, ringworms, sensitive teeth, skin allergies, snoring, sore throat, stretch marks, sun burns, tired eyes, toothache, water retention, warts, worms, wrinkles, yeast Infection, and more.
  • Fewer side effects: Over the counter medicines contain several ingredients that attack the intended ailments however, it does not stop there. Such medications affect your other functions with their side effects. Most common of these is drowsiness. With natural home remedies, side effects are minimized since homemade remedies only contain pure medicinal purposes.

One thing to note though that while natural home remedies cure certain illness, modern medical treatments are still far better if you are treating major diseases. But one thing is for sure: if natural home remedies survived for no one knows how long, it is surely give effect in the easiest, fastest, safest, and cheapest way.