Facts on Fleas and Home Remedies for Flea

Grooming is an essential aspect in maintaining your pet's health, not only with dogs but with cats and several animal species as well. Several pets may protest to grooming, not that they don't like it but because they were not used to grooming. It is equally important that your pet is trained in grooming in his early years. Once he finds it pleasurable, you no longer would have problems in grooming him.

The basic fact with fleas is that almost every cat and dogs carry fleas. You may not be seeing them but they are there, growing consistently on your animal's coat, multiplying by thousands.

Fleas are really a stubborn species. It takes time before one gets rid of them and it is essential hat you regularly eliminate them from your home and yards as they may be able o bring some infections and diseases you dare not think of, not only in your animals but to you as well. They may irritate you beyond your belief, even when you get out of your own home. Meaning, they may tag along with you.

They are the culprits for the spreading of the flea worm, which causes anemia, allergic reactions and excessive scratching, not to mention viral and bacterial infections.

Female fleas lay 27 to 45 eggs a day, that's about 2,000 eggs in her life span of ten months. But ticks are worse, they produce around 2,000 to 20,000 eggs at a single time, not surprisingly, they die after laying the eggs.

Fleas can lie in wait for as long as eight months for a  host to drop by. This wait may be done outside but they would not bother if it were done in a domestic environment, that is-your home, ideally on your carpet.

Here then comes the problem

Garlic is especially effective home remedy for fleas. Try adding it on your pet's food, the amount of which should be relative to the amount of garlic you would eat yourself, considering the size and weight of the animal. It wont matter if it were minced, powder or crushed, so long as it is natural. It has significant effectively, shown on the variety of yard sprays made out of garlic essence.

Additionally, yeast pills may go a long way as a home remedy for fleas. These are being sold in the local vitamin store. You only have to incorporate it in your pet's meal and you will see a considerable result in days.

Another basic home remedy for fleas is the frequent vacuuming of the carpets. This is especially important if your carpet is made of soft material. Make sure that you do it forcefully, fleas really hang on smooth carpets, and they love it. 

As an added home remedy for fleas, you may sprinkle a product named Borax. It works effectively well on flea infestation. You can also try using flea collar as a home remedy for fleas. You may chop the flea collar and place some in you vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you replace it every few weeks. Vacuum your carpets everyday, assure to it t the vacuum container gets damped in water everytime you do so. You may use hot water for this as it may kill the fleas immediately. Do this religiously for quite some time and you will arrive to desirable results.

Don't be surprise if the home remedies mentioned above don't have immediate effects, fleas are really an obstinate creature.