What Causes Ear Infection and What are the Corresponding Home Remedies

Ear infection is a condition wherein the ear is experiencing inflammation that leads to severe pain. This is often the result when water gets in and settles inside the ear. When not removed, the bacteria in the water will infuse infection that gives the swelling to the ear. Another cause of ear infection is when the fluid from the nasal cavity reaches the auditory tube. And since the fluid from the nasal cavity contains bacteria, the ear is infected.  When prolonged, the infection could result to fluid discharge and loss of hearing.

When to suspect ear infection?

If you feel a severe ear pain for more than an hour or if it already exceeds 2 hours. If there is a presence of fever, headache, and stiffness which are also signs of meningitis. If there is fluid discharge on the ear with severe ear ache and fever.What are the home remedies that could be done to reduce the pain and eliminate ear infection?

Since your infected ear contains unnecessary water, your aim is the remove it. One way of doing it is by applying hot compress. This has always been the best way in removing the fluid out of your ear. Take small cloth pouch and fill it with salt.  A sock could be more efficient. Place it in the microwave oven until it is warm enough but could be tolerated by the body. Place it on a flat surface and lay on it. In this way, the fluid inside is drained. If you want to use of warm cloth, same procedure is applied. Another alternative is by the use of blow dry.

Another way is to make natural oil that can be dropped inside the ear. To make garlic oil, place 1-2 cloves of chopped fresh garlic in a double boiler. Add olive oil. Cover it. This will mix the juice of the garlic with the olive oil. It is done if the garlic starts to turn black.

The use of mustard oil instead of olive oil is another way to create garlic oil. Same procedure should be followed.

Aside from garlic, you can also use calendula or clove and peppermint. Mix it with almond oil. Procedure in making garlic oil applies.

After it is done, strain the oil and place it on a vial. Store is on the refrigerator.

To use it, re-heat the oil on a spoon. Use an ear dropper to suction the oil. Place 2 drops to each ear canal. Clog it with cotton balls. Do this every other hour is necessary. If the infection is external or if there is a suspected eardrum puncture, the use of garlic oil will not help.

For a more convenient resort, take garlic oil capsules or vitamin E oil.

A simple way to relieve the ear pain is by massaging the surface of the ear gently by your fingertips. Also take ibuprofen or aspirin to lessen the pain.

To help fight infection and increase the immune system, taking vitamin C is recommended. Zinc meanwhile will help reduce the ear infection. Washing the ear with colloidal silver or by taking it orally can reduce the infection with its antibiotic component. 

If the situation is not solved after 2-3 days, you have to ask for professional assistance.