Home Remedy for Ear Ache Plus, How to Avoid this from Happening

Ear ache is associated with many things: allergies, sinus infections, fluid or ear wax build up, middle ear infection, colds, and ear injuries. It can also be caused by pressure or altitude changes like those people on board a plane. Teething could also be a cause of ear ache as well as swimming on polluted waters. Another cause of ear ache is infection. Since the middle ear contains air, it is the best area where other liquid harmful to the ear gets trapped. Mucus as an example can go to the middle ear. Mucus contains bacteria thus infecting the ear that leads to pain.

When ear ache occurs, here are some of the home remedies you can use:

  1. On a small jar of olive oil, put peeled and finely chopped garlic and a mullein leaf. Seal the jar and leave it in sunlight for 10 days. Strain the oil it produced and put it on a smaller container. Put several oil drops on the ear when aching occurs. But if you cannot wait for another 10 days to ease your pain…
  2. Try juice extract with some grinded holy basil. Put a couple of drop inside the ear.
  3. Place a woolen cloth on the ear. The cloth should contain mashed garlic cloves with small amount of salt. Garlic contains natural antibiotic that relieves the pain away from the ear.
  4. Grapefruit seed extract is another great home remedy for an aching ear. Apply 3 drops of it inside the aching ear.
  5. If altitude is the cause of your aching ear, get a hair dyer, set it on a warm not hot, and place it near or into the aching ear.
  6. Another home remedy you can use to ease the ear ache is dipping a cotton swab with astringent. Swab it inside your ear carefully. Take note, cotton swab can stuck to your ear so you have to be extra careful in doing this.

To prevent this from happening, simple rules can be followed.

  1. Do not blow your nose too hard. This will cause your ear to plug air. Blow your nose gently.
  2. Putting on earplugs when swimming on dirty waters can eliminate the risk of having ear ache.
  3. As much as possible, avoid putting bobby pins, cotton swabs or your fingers inside your ear. Doing this might cause eardrum damage and will increase the risk of getting stuck inside your ear.
  4. If you are on a plane, do not sleep during ascend and descend. Chew a gum to help open and keep you Eustachian tubes drained.
  5. To soften the ear wax that causes to ease the pain of your ear, take a hot shower.

These home remedies are guaranteed effective, but if continues pain occurs, try to seek for professional help and let them check your ear.

Moreover, if at an early age your child is experiencing recurring ear ache, diagnose him/her. See if your child has fluid or excess ear wax running out of the ears or if he/she grows a fever, or if he/she is having trouble on hearing. If these incidents are present on your child he/she might have more than ear ache, he/she might have an ear infection. Consult a doctor to check on the situation of your child.

Remember that home remedies are the best way to beat ear aches but if it does not work, you have to seek for another alternative, which is going to the doctor.