How to Cure Ring Worms Using Home Remedy

Many would disregard ring worms the first time it appear on someone's face or body because it can easily mistaken as a simple rush or a slight burn. But when days pass by and the unsuspected rush gets larger, it is time to take necessary actions.

There are several ways to cure ring worms. You can either use oil base or water base, or cream. All are widely available on your home.

Using oil base to cure ring worm works well. It removes the water which the fungi requires to propagate. Here are some oil base anti-ring worm treatments you can use as a home remedy:

Ring worm dies with tea tree oil. Apply this to the area at least 5 times a day. It works by removing the water for which the ring worm requires to live.

Some use vegetable oil while others use walnut or garlic oil. Same procedure with tea tree oil applies. Some says olive oil has natural component that works as treatment against several fungi including ring worm. But if you are allergic to oil, try using water base. 

Applying nail polish to the affected area of the skin is another way to kill the fungi. Try to apply and re-apply nail polish every 2 or 3 hours. Removing the old coating will dry out the skin that will peel off when the coating is removed.

Water base treatment works penetrating into the ring worm dipper. Unlike oil base liquid, water base directly sends the antifungal component and attacks the root of the ring worm thus killing it effectively. Here are some water base agents you can use to treatment ring worm.

On top of the list is bleach. Although some might argue that the use of bleach as a home remedy treatment for ring worm can cause serious allergic reaction for some, bleach actually works very well against ring worm. There is a truth behind the bad effects of using bleach to cure ring worm though. This is because of the presence of active ingredient called sodium hydroxide that can burn the skin. But there are some bleaches which contain oxydizer named hypochlorite that is safer to skin. Use cotton and dip it to the bleach. Apply it to the infected area for at least 2 times a day.

Iodine solution is another way home remedy treatment you can use to cure ring worm. Apply iodine solution to the affected area of the skin until it clears up. A natural way of removing ring worms off your body is spending the few hours at the beach. The principle is to dry out your skin with sea salt to remove the breeding place of ring worms. It is more convenient than soaking yourself on bathtubs with salt solution for a long time.

Vinegar is another water base solution that can cure ring worms. Apply it everyday on the affected area of the skin until the ring worm is gone.

Antifungal lotion is another good way to remove ring worm. Although some might cost much while some are cheap, lotions are widely available over the counter. Some effective anti fungal lotions are Lotrimin's TerbinafineHydrocholride and Crimazole, Equate from Walmart, and Lamisil. Many would claim that Lamisil is the most effective if taken orally though it might cost you so much.

With these mentioned products that can easily be located at home, ring worms is no more a problem.