Gastrics Natural Remedies Cure | Ayurvedic Treatment for Gastrics

Gastric illness or complaint, gastritis, is a painful and difficult condition.

It is an inflammation of the stomach, which though if treated quickly and well need not be dangerous, can lead to very many serious and dangerous life threatening conditions, such as stomach ulcers and other stomach based diseases and disorders. If it becomes particularly bad it can be fatal, as it can cause ameniea which in turn can turn into emaciation.

Signs of Gastritis

  • General loss of appetite
  • A sour feeling or other strong discomfort in the stomach which leads to frequent vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Giddiness

Causes of Gastritis

  • Over-eating
  • Over consumption of alcohol
  • Also commonal garden illnesses such as influenza and gout can produce toxins that cause gastritis.
  • Also an intake of acids or alkali into the stomach can lead to gastritis.

The Ayurvedic reason for gastric disorder is a viation of pitta. Pitta governs the metabolic process and basically this mean that the sufferers’ digestive system and overall metabolism has been compromised or damaged.

The Ayurvedic Dietary Remedy for Gastric Disorder

To achieve the right balances in your metabolism don’t ingest very hot or very cold food stuffs and beverages as these extremes cause build-ups of acidity in your digestive system. No matter how hot or cold the temperature is do not try to warm up or cool down, but take a moderately heated drink or food.

  • Avoid any food that causes acid build up and enjoy dairy produce only in moderation.
  • Eat heavy, dry, bitter sweet food stuffs and produce as they do not produce dangerous toxins when digested.
  • Fresh fruit should form a great part of your diet as it purifies your system. However not all fruit is suitable.

Suitable fruit to help avoid gastric disorder

  • Amongst others: Grapes
  • Cherries
  • Melons
  • Avocadoes

These are sweet fruits that cause no distress to the metabolism and other similar fruits are also ok.

Unsuitable fruit to avoid gastric disorder

  • Amongst others: Grapefruit
  • Plumbs
  • Olives
  • Unrippened pineapples

These are sour fruits which when ingested can increase acid which can build-up and lead to gastritis and other such fruits should be avoided.

A reduction in eating hot spicy foods is also recommended. So spices and herbs such as Fennel, Turmeric and Coriander oils such as sesame and almond can still be enjoyed but only in moderation.

Vegetables and flavorings like Red hot peppers, chillis, garlic, and celery should be totally avoided.

Ayurvedic also promotes the insistence of regular and set mealtimes. All meals are important, but lunch is the most vital and should be taken at noon and consist of a combination of the above.
By doing this you will be helping to balance the pitta.

Other Ayurvedic remedies for gastrics

Bathe regularly in Abhyanga and add with cooling oil such as coconut.

Also reduce your stress levels, moderate your working day and make plenty of time for leisure activities.

Practice yoga

The Ayurvedic cures and remedies for gastritis and other gastric disorders are mainly dietary and aim to balance pitta properly.

In the main it preaches to enjoy your food and drink in moderation and don’t over indulge. This way you can achieve the balances that will ward off gastric disorders.