Dysentery Natural Treatment | Ayurvedic Cure Remedies for Dysentery

Dysentery is a mucous inflammation that occurs mainly in the colon area, though it does occasionally affect other internal organs.

It is an unpleasant symptom but rarely fatal and is usually easily cured.

It caused by parasitical worms entering the system and settling in the affected organ.

These worms are bought to life by a build-up of acidity resulting from amongst other factors, poor diet, a bad combination of diet, consuming moldering foodstuff, tobacco smoking and disturbed sleeping patterns.

The Ayurvedic Cause of Dysentery

In Ayurvedic a condition such as dysentery is caused by a severe disruption of the pitta dhosas. Pitta is the body’s energy force (dhosa) which that controls and makes sure the digestive system functions. When it is compromised sufficiently it produces toxins (ama) which collect and deposit themselves in the affected area and produce the condition.

The Ayurvedic Remedy for Dysentery

In the Ayurvedic treatment for dysentery it is essential that the colon, or other organs if that is where the infection is, is re-energized by soothing rejuvenating products.This is achieved by a prescription of herbs, oils, spices and yoga.

The most common oil used in this Ayurvedic treatment is neem.

Neem oil in Ayurvedic remedy

Neem is one of the most used and essential oils in the Ayurvedic philosophy. Its thick white flowers are harvested from ancient crops of trees found in India’s’ plateau regions. The flowers produce a light, cool soothing juice which is then made into an essential oil.

Neem oil as an Ayurvedic remedy for Dysentery

To aid the alleviation of dysentery, in Ayurvedic the neem oil can be applied in two ways. Firstly it can be turned into a paste and applied with a sufficiently damp cloth upon the affected area and massaged hard into the affected area.

The other fashion really allows for the soothing qualities of the neem oil to come through and make it work its’ relaxing, rejuvenating spell upon the sufferer.

Simply run a bath, whilst ensuring that the water is the right temperature being neither too hot nor too cold, pour in a generous amount, climb into the bath and luxuriate in the neems healing qualities.

Herbs used as Remedy for Dysentery

  • Babul
  • Arjuna
  • Bael fruit
  • Cumin seed

For full effect they should be supplemented by the following Ayurvedic herbs:

  • Isabbael
  • Lashundai bali
  • Bhuwaneshar ras

Spices used as Ayurvedic remedy for Dysentery

  • Nutmeg (very essential)
  • Cinnamon
  • Black pepper
  • Ginger

These are all readily available and make a great addition to most foods. They are added and stirred into the cooking and not only help treat dysentery but if used in moderation and in the correct can aid with prevention in the first place.

Yoga as an Ayurvedic cure for Dysentery

According to Ayurvedic yoga should be one of lifes’ essentials and should be practiced when and wherever possible.

According to Ayurvedic methodology the Vajrasana form of yoga is the best to practice to alleviate the symptoms of dysentery. This is because it helps to make the digestive system function properly again thus boosting rejuvenation of the affected organs.

Dysentery is easy to avoid, moderation and the correct diet being the main key. However should you fall victim of the disease then it is easily remedied by the Ayurvedic ways of essential oils, herbs and spices and yoga.