Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

Several resources were sought in the effort to find out whether or not colon cleansing is safe. The consensus is if it is done right and/or the right colon cleansing products are used it is safe.

In addition, it is considered safe if users are not dependent upon this type of treatment to stay regular. It is meant to provide patients with a head start on cleaning out their insides, but then the rest is up to the person who participates.

History of Colon Cleansing Controversy

The need for detoxification of the boy has been known especially since the 19th century. This was when it was determined to be fact. However, it has long been debate even after this time, because some researchers say that the body can take care of itself.

Some researchers claim that the so-called stool that could be stuck in people’s colons is not really there. They say that there are no “pockets” in the colon where stool could be left for years or even decades. This is a different opinion than those of other researchers.

For instance, some researchers recommend colon cleansing for those who have been constipated. This is in a way a jumpstart to a healthier digestive system, which also requires some moderations in diet and lifestyle.

Other researchers also believe that colon cleansing is necessary. However, some of them also believe that just having a healthy diet helps. This group of medical professionals and/or scientists recommend a diet that includes enough sources of fiber. Usually this amounts to about 21 to 25 grams a day for women, or approximately 30 to 38 grams a day for men.

People who want to increase their daily fiber intake are advised to eat more beans, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains (cereals, high-fiber bread). In addition, they also remind people to drink enough water for the day (usually about 8 to glasses), which will help flush out the digestive system.

Additionally, people want to have a cleaner colon are usually advised to watch their alcohol and caffeine consumption. Furthermore, they are usually told to cut down on the amount of carbohydrates they eat, and to try to eat whole grains instead of processed breads.

Further notes about colon cleansing: it can provide temporarily relief if constipated.  However, that in itself should not be the only solution to becoming regular.

It can be very dangerous to rely just on colon cleansing treatments or products alone. That is why committing to a balanced diet is so important.

Types of Colon Cleansing

There are many different types of colon cleansing procedures used. Some of these include laxatives, enemas, fiber pills, hydrotherapy treatments, and juices fasts.

All of these are based upon the concept that if you put more liquid and less solid into your body (or more fiber) it will clean you out. This is a very valid concept.

However, there is also a very legitimate concern that too much cleansing can be harmful. Therefore, just like anything else, too much of a good thing is not good for you at all.

New brands of effective colon cleansing pills are often used by people. They can be taken right at home, where many people prefer to participate in this regimen.