Clearing up the ColonCure Controversy

Apparently, the comments made by people regarding this product are a mixed bag. It seems that people either really loved it or really hated it. We were not sure if we would report it because of that, but we decided to give our own balanced report of this product.

The people who seemed to love ColonCure are those that read the directions and took it exactly as recommended. They are also the ones who read the terms and conditions of the product and knew exactly what they were getting.

Furthermore, people who said that the product worked mentioned other benefits of it besides cleansing and detoxification. For instance, more than one person has reported increased energy, regular bowel movements, feeling “lighter” (not so backed up), and other positive results.

Overall, this product is said to have about a 50% success rate. Again, this percentage is most likely dependent upon how the product was used and whether it was used correctly. For tips on how to use this product in a colon cleansing procedure please read the next section.

Colon Cleansing Tips

No matter which colon cleansing product you use, there is always adjustments you need to make in your diet and lifestyle. For instance, it is highly recommended that users of this product follow recommended fasts or temporary liquid diets often used for detoxification and cleansing.

Furthermore, it is very important that you consume enough fiber in a day’s time. That is one of the essentials to having regular bowel movements. In addition, when you use this product (and even when you are not), you are advised to drink plenty of water and exercise on a regular basis.

These tips apply to colon cleansing in general. However, they are often necessary regardless of the brand of colon cleansing treatment used, or even if a specific colon cleansing product is not used.

Besides all of that, in case you are considering this product you may want to read a detailed description of it. That will help you determine whether or not this product will work for you.

ColonCure Product Description

The main purpose of this product is to help eliminate build-up of feces, which also may include body bacteria and intestinal plaque. It is a very comprehensive colon cleansing system.


Although success is reported by some people who have used this product, beware that it is very hard to find information about it. However, that does not necessarily mean it will not work for you, and perhaps it just means the product has not received as much exposure as other products.

It is just a precaution you may want to take while searching for colon cleansing solutions. Others out there may be better for you if you cannot find enough information about this one. On the other hand, quite a bit of free trials for ColonCure have been offered recently.

Other suggestions include “Blessed Herb” as well as Oxypowder or Bowltrol. Several success stories about these products have been reported, which are displayed on the Web.