Colon Cleansing At Home

The act of colon cleansing often involves very simple procedures, but it does require discipline. A variety of different procedures for cleansing your colon can be done right at home.

Common Colon Cleansing Procedures

Colon cleansing at home is often done with procedures such as fasting, colon cleansing capsules, probiotics, and use of laxatives. Some of these have an advantage over others.


The advantage of fasting is that it usually only requires what you already have at home or can access very easily. A variety of colon cleansing fasts include items such as various fruits, vegetables, juices, and plenty of water.

The purpose of this is to help flush the colon using natural food sources. This is a process that usually occurs over about a week or two. Some colon cleanses such as fasting are even effective if applied for only a few days.

Positive results that occur from fasting include one or more of the following:

  • Elimination of waste products such as fat deposits, toxins, bacteria, dead cells, and feces, that are still sitting in the colon
  • Feeling of greater energy, ability to accomplish more
  • Relief of constipation
  • Regeneration of new cells

Colon Cleansing Capsules

A variety of capsules are available for use at home. Some of the more highly recommended brands include natural supplements such as Bowltrol or Blessed Herbs colon cleansing treatments. However, another popular over-the-counter product is Oxypowder.

Oxypowder is a little different than other solutions because it involves the use of oxygen to clean the intestines. It does not contain herbs, but rather other active ingredients used to help melt away toxins and residue stuck to the intestinal walls. 

Colon cleansing capsules used are probably considered one of the most effective ways to clean out your insides. They are used in conjunction with lifestyle changes and fasting techniques to help promote regularity, prevention of cancer, elimination of abdominal pain, and more.

They are one of the most popular choices for colon cleansing because the capsules can be taken with people who are on the go frequently. It is a great way to help take care of your self if you work full time, take care of children, and so forth.


Probiotics treatment is the application of foods and/or certain supplements that help keep the colon healthy and balanced. The active agents include lively bacteria that help eliminate of harmful bacteria and parasites that often grown in the intestines.

There are probiotic supplements out there, but this agent also is present in many foods such as bananas, garlic, and onion. This treatment solution requires more research, because it is not yet evident how much foods that contain these probiotic agents that needs to be taken.

As far as the supplements that contain these agents are concerned, they may be helpful but should be used carefully. Be careful not to abuse this type of treatment. If in doubt about its ineffectiveness, you may want to seek other options or contact your doctor.


This particular colon cleansing method has been often used. However, it has taken a back seat to natural alternatives, such as herbal cleansing tablets and powder.

Some laxatives contain harmful ingredients, which can often hurt the body more than it can help. However, it can be used as a temporary solution against constipation.

Other solutions are considered safer, such as using time-testing herbal colon cleansing remedies. A fruit and vegetable or juice and water fast are very effective solutions used for detoxification as well.