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According to ayurvedic thought, having the three doshas out of sync might be a cause of cancer. One possible explanation for the rise in cancer diagnoses in modern times can be traced to the increased use of chemicals and other synthetic materials in our diets. These chemicals prevent us from obtaining the natural minerals our bodies need in order to function correctly. Also, anxiety and stress lead to increased toxins in the body, which then puts us at higher risk for cancer. Because there are so many different types of cancer, this makes determining the causes and treatments that much more difficult for ayurvedic practitioners.


  • Medicines
  • Diet
  • Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a set of five ayurvedic remedies that may or may not all be used as part of a therapeutic cleansing program.

The five parts of panchakarma are:

  1. Emesis
  2. Purgation
  3. Enema
  4. Nasal application of herbal remedies
  5. Blood-letting

Diet is also considered a very important part of treatment. Visiting an ayurvedic practitioner is important in order to develop the proper diet for your body. The practitioner will determine which of the three humors is the predominant one in your body, and then based on this information, can develop a diet for you that will bring the three humors back in balance.

Another important aspect of diet is maintaining the energy level of the food. According to ayurvedic thought, making food cold, for instance, by refrigerating, destroys the natural energy of the food. They believe that this causes the loss of more energy than is lost through cooking. This then leads to poor metabolism, which in turn may lead to someone eventually developing cancer. Of course, not all people who eat refrigerated foods develop cancer. This is because everyone is different. Some people are capable of producing the proper stomach acids to counteract the coldness of the food. These people have what is referred to as “agni” or fire. These people more frequently develop fevers and diarrhea more often than do people who eventually develop cancer, which seems to imply that they are better at excreting the toxins.

Based on these ideas, here are some suggestions:

  • Take supplements to increase your hydrochloric acid levels
  • Eat spicy foods to help stimulate the gastric juices
  • After eating, use digestive bitters to make sure the food moves quickly through the digestive system before the toxins can build up

It is also important to note that ayurvedic medicine does not have to be used to the exclusivity of Western medicine. They can be used together as long as you make sure that all practitioners are aware of what the others are doing. Using ayurvedic techniques for cancer treatment in addition to receiving treatment via Western methods often helps to reduce stress levels which then leads to a better reception of the other treatments.

In particular, be careful when taking herbal supplements when also taking other medications, as they may interact with each other and produce undesired effects. Ayurvedic treatments like yoga and massage are usually safe and provide more benefit than harm.