Blood Dysentery Remedies, Treatment | Ayurvedic Cure

Blood dysentry is one of a number of different variants and strains of the main dysentery disease.
No matter which part of the body or the function that becomes afflicted by the virus, they all start in the same place and should be treated using similar methods and remedies.

What is Dysentery??

Dysentery, no matter how it manifests itself within the body, is a parasitical infestation. The irritant burrows itself into an intestinal duct and grows healthy and as it does so it gathers strength and begins to eat away at healthy tissues and cells, and does so until it is tackled by appropriate treatment and eventually stopped.

The parasites are caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Eating improper food
  • Ill-balanced diet
  • Drinking excessive tea and coffee
  • Consuming improperly stored or refrigerated food
  • Certain medicines, especially laxatives

All should be ingested with care and in limitation.

Ayurvedic Cause of Blood Dysentery

Dysentery in its’ many manifestations is caused, according to the Ayurvedic philosophy, by a disruption to the pitta or the body’s energy forces which helps the digestive system function properly. Once this is compromised sufficiently it ceases to function to its maximum which allows the production of negative toxins (ama). The digestive system needs to be brought back to full power to fight and then defeat these amas before wellness can be once more achieved.

Symptoms of Blood Dysentery

  • A great and raging thirst
  • Sleepiness
  • Restlessness
  • Blood noticed in bowel movements

Ayurvedic Remedies for Blood Dysentery

The fever like symptoms that prevail upon the catching of dysentery can weaken the whole body, sometimes severely so frequent bed rest is required to allow the body to recuperate.

In Ayurvedic teachings yoga plays a vital and indeed spiritual role. Relaxation, the need for personal space and silence and the chance to de-stress and reflect are considered the very base of the philosophy and these are all important in order to re-balance the doshas in the body so healing can begin and wellness achieved.

Yoga as Ayurvedic remedy for blood dysentery

There are two yoga positions that particularly aid the sufferers’ recovery from blood dysentery. They are designed to get the blood functioning sufficiently to repair the digestive system.

Pawanmuktasan, or the knee-chest position, is a straightforward yoga stance which you can do almost anywhere.

Simply lie flat frontally on a mat and stop breathing. As you exhale lift your leg up as far as it will go. Hold it there until it becomes uncomfortable and lower it to back to the starting position. Repeat the process using the right leg. Alternate this procedure three times.

Vajrasana also sets out to improve digestion by unblocking the digestive system in a simple and quick fashion.

Kneel on the floor whilst keeping your knees tightly together, whilst drawing the toes together and keeping the heels slightly apart. Rest your hands upon your legs, steady your breathing and make sure your spine is as straight as possible. From this position turn the body until you are lying flat on your back and count to ten. When you have done this release your body into its original position. Repeat this procedure twice as often as you can.