Ayurveda and AIDS

It is difficult to believe. Thousands of dollars have been spent worldwide for conducting research to find a cure to the deadly AIDS that is rapidly becoming an epidemic. But ironically, the answer to AIDS may all this while be with Mother Nature itself. It is increasingly looking like, Ayurveda might be the answer to this deadly virus that is sweeping the world and killing in millions. 

In an International Seminar on Contemporary Medicine in AIDS held on February 8th 1998 it was declared that Chyavanprash in the form of Raktavardhak (1 spoon) in the morning and Sookshma triphla tabs (2 tablets) twice a day has dramatically improved the quality of life of AIDS patients and successfully keeps away the diseases and hazardous infections.

Ayurveda and Warts 

The AIDS virus in itself does not kill anyone. What it does is, it destroys the natural immunity of the human body. And in the absence of any immunity, disease fighting ability of the body is gone. So whenever there is a virus attack, it leads to serious consequences as the body falls ill easily. Genital warts is one such condition which can easily be triggered off when the immunity is gone or low. 

The Ayurvedic Approach to AIDS

Ayurveda however believes that AIDS is related to loss of energy. This energy is actually the same as what contemporary medicine would refer to the disease fighting abilities of the body. According to Ayurveda, AIDS weakens plasma, blood cells, muscular tissues, adipose tissues, bony tissues, bone marrow, reproductive tissue and others. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that when someone has the AIDS virus, it can be understood through these symptoms - prolonged fevers, fatigue, skin irritations, sleeplessness, contagious disease, loss of appetite, loss of weight and frequent allergies. 

The various Treatments of Ayurveda

Some popular Ayurvedic treatments for AIDS are given here… 

  • Toxins and rejuvenators are very useful as they improve the natural immunity of the body. Toxins also improve appetite.
  • There are many Ayurvedic solutions that have the ability of purifying blood.
  • Liver conditions can be enhanced.
  • Food with spice and oil is restricted.
  • Ayurvedic diet includes Ghee as it works as a catalyst to remove harmful toxins from the body through enemas, purgation and emesis.
  • Ayurveda believes that alcohol can remove blockages and smoothen blood flow. So moderate quantities of alcohol is recommended.
  • High temperatures in the blood can destroy the virus. And so, Ayurveda advises the patient to carry out intensive work outs regularly to heat up the body.

Doctors at a recent meeting of international policymakers on HIV in New Delhi titled 'Towards a world without AIDS' observed that the various treatments of Ayurveda strengthened immunity system of the body and fights AIDS.  

Some herbs used in Ayurvedic solutions are Amla (Emblica officinalis), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Haritaki (Terminalia chabula), Nirgundi (Vitex nirgundo) and Amrita (Tinospora wedifolia). 

AIDS and Chyavanprash

Chyavanprash, an Ayurvedic remedy is extremely effective to fight AIDS. Chyavanprash is made of Amalaki or goose berry and supplies vitamin C to the body. It also supplies anti oxidants like bioflavonoid, vitamin B complex and vitamin A. Amalaki is antifungal and anti bacterial, and can thus help in digestion and also lowers blood pressure and high cholesterol. Chyavanprash also has 35 other herbs. The combined power of all of them makes Chyavanprash extremely potent against AIDS. There are also no side effects of Chyavanprash.