What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH as it is abbreviated for is a hormone noted to be the controlling and beneficial elements for youth such as vitality, energy, smooth skin complexion, resilience. As people get older the HGH levels begin to decrease at a rate of 14% every 10 years. HGH levels that are low are the contributing factor in the aging process in humans. As HGH levels continue to decrease the increase of the aging process accelerates. Scientific research has stated that if one increases the natural amount of HGH in the body can reverse things associated with aging. Those things include weight gain, losing muscle mass, wrinkles and fine lines, bone density (osteoporosis in white and Asian females), and increased sexual drive. Even though it hasn’t been proven in clinical trials that HGH is the fountain of youth in a bottle. Doctors have traditionally practiced by administering injections of prescription forms of HGH. Non-prescription HGH is now available through mail order or over the counter at many health food stores.

Trial studies have produced results in studies where the most conclusive concentration of homeopathic HGH is dilution rates up to 30 xs. Lower or higher rates of dilution are not proven to be more effective, but a reputable dealer will only sell the 30x dilution. With the growing popularity of HGH many companies are now pushing products that do not have HGH in it. As an alternative other options are offered and have been said to assist in the natural stimulating process of HGH circulation in the body. You also have at the extreme level dealers that offer non-homeopathic HGH being sold illegally. Such dealers often describe a single product in laymen terms of nanograms and making claims of 100-1000 nanograms per dosage. Along with being illegal a typical prescribed dosage of HGH administered by a doctor is about  2,750,000 nanograms thus making the 100-1000 nanograms rendered useless to the buyer.

The absorption rate depends on the person and it can take up to a month for the body to get acclimated to the carefully measured and injected dosages. As with any regimen it’s wise to consult with your doctor before starting on HGH because not everyone is suited for this kind of treatment. Many people report feeling refreshed and even losing some weight. Yet it’s best to deal with FDA-approved HGH just to be on the safe side. Anything you order from a foreign country you don’t have any idea of how they prepare their drugs and medications. This also goes with what standards they use in protecting the consumer whereas the United States can sue the pharmaceutical companies if a problem comes up. This is just a protective measure for both the consumer and the pharmaceutical company.

Many foreign pharmaceutical companies that are more in the business of making money more than providing a safe product which can be a concern for customers buying HGH through the mail. Not to mention that some countries even ban the use of HGH and will be strict on checking people entering the country to see if they’re carrying these drugs on them. These drugs are often sold on the black market since the United States puts a restriction on their sale unless it’s been administered by a doctor or health care professional for therapeutic or medicinal treatment.  Most are advised to avoid dealers because a doctor is more qualified to administer or prescribe the use of the hormone because they would have some idea of its effect on the body.