The Side Effects of HGH

“Human Growth Hormone” is the full name for HGH. The growth of the human body is based upon the amount of hormones the body releases. It plays a big role on lives of males and females. Hormones control the immune system as well as the growth process of the human body. As age increases the production of this hormone begins to decrease every 10 years. Age and the HGH level have a direct correlation between them. HGH products are used to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce a correct amount and level of human growth hormone, so people would generally use these products. One should be fully aware about the HGH side effects and having consulted with a doctor before choosing suitable HGH products since they may affect a person’s body chemistry. Throwing off the hormonal balance can cause all kinds of problems from moods being off and a person not having sexual desires and even throwing a woman’s menstrual cycle off.

HGH products are available in different methods for dosing that a person can take. The most popular forms HGH products are capsules, liquids, sub-dermal creams, and injections. There are many companies selling and manufacturing these products. Still there is always a high risk that a person may suffer side effects, and the FDA has advised that one should research the drug and consult with their doctor before buying. When you’re taking hormones it’s important to watch for any reactions because having a reaction to hormones is serious it can cause your body to get thrown off.

A person may face some severe problems if he or she takes the HGH products sporadically and not according to instructions for dosing. There are various factors and the HGH side effects may vary depending on level of severity. The patient should consult with a doctor; otherwise he or she may suffer from complications such as kidney failure or cancer. In this case, one should consult the doctor when requesting the prescription for buying a HGH product. Age is a factor because the health needs are taken on a case by case basis by a doctor treating someone who intends to use HGH. There are two types of injections generally suggested by a doctor and usually the most acceptable form of administering HGH is through an injection with a hypodermic needle the same type that diabetics use to inject insulin and other medications.

Before an HGH injection is administered to a person’s body he or she has to be absolutely sure of not getting injected twice. This can lead a person to face different HGH side effects. Depending upon the quantity and quality of the HGH, the cost of injection may vary and is decided by the attending physician. Usually, those who are on HGH treatments are able to give themselves their own dosing. The side effects are minimal if the HGH is taken correctly and administered when it’s supposed to be taken at the times specified by the attending and prescribing physician.